Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Game Shares The List Of Books That Nipsey Hussle Read And Helped Shape Him Into A Powerful Activist And Community Leader at lxbr.info


As the world continues to mourn the loss of Nipsey Hussle, rapper The Game has revealed himself as a very dedicated friend who is determined to keep the legacy of his pal alive and going strong.

The California MC has been posting a daily tribute in the form of long texts/poems to celebrate the extraordinary life of Lauren London"s late boyfriend.

Over the weekend, The Game decided to share the list of 25 inspiring books that changed Nipsey"s life as a human, businessman, and activist.

The Game explained: "It’s been four weeks since we lost nip & it all still feels unreal to me. I look at pictures & still can’t seem to make reality out of the hashtags attached to them. But before I go into a story or choice of words that may sadden anyone’s day, I’m going to keep it short today & leave you guys with a list of 25 books nip read in hopes they may comfort, enlighten or educate you in areas needed. I’ll also put a longer list in my bio for today as well. [CLICK THE LINK]. Love & light to all... enjoy your Sunday. #LongLiveKingNip #TheMarathonContinues 🏁 #OneNipPostADayTiliFadeAway"


Fans appreciate The Game"s effort to share Nipsey"s knowledge with the world.

One person said: "Amazingly, Tupac also had that reading assortment in his library as well! I’ll start from the bottom-up!! A book a month keeps 10 toes grounded and your mind sharp!! 🙏🏼✍🏼✊🏼 - RESPECT"


Another supporter stated: "Let me be the first to tell you ladies, pick up Sacred Woman today! let it elevate you and change your life 💗Your dedication to your friend is indeed inspiring..I"m happy for nip cuz he had wat the haters could never comprehend..he had friends and family that love him..we love you."

This Instagram user called The Game a great friend and added: "I appreciate your daily posts so much. You are a very good friend. Your words always touch my soul. Keep continuing to make history! Bless you, #ATrueKing #TheMarathonContinue. 💙💙💙"


This fourth fan shared: "You forgot the “three magic words” I been reading that lately powerful book. I agree! I was telling my fiancee, can we bring him back already. Still hard to believe. The hurt is crazy, and it"s senseless how we lost him."

The Game is showing a different side of his personality.

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