Saturday, April 13, 2019

Justin Bieber Calls Chris Brown "The Best Entertainer Of All Time" - See Chris" Video Which Impressed Justin at


Justin Bieber commented under a video that Chris Brown shared in which he was doing a Michael Jackson dance and praised him, saying that he"s the best entertainer of all time. Here"s Chris" video that he shared with fans and followers on Instagram.

"There’s no one even slightly close to ur level I’m just being honest," Justin said and continued, "No one will ever touch you, you"re the best entertainer of all time period end of discussion."

One of Chris" fans posted "He literally is the closest entertainer we have to the late great #michealjackson."

Someone else made an important point and said "Don’t think people realize how sick that footwork is 🔥🌴"

One follower wrote that the "Timing for video release was perfect 👌🏽 visuals were beyond amazing ‼️😉 concept was mind blowing choreography was immaculate🔮 The spiritual Easter eggs hinted were genius 💎 I’m thankful I get to experience some one ☝🏼 of this caliber in my lifetime this song/video are epic and will be one to remember In history THANK YOU 🙏🏽 for unity & for oneness #indigoseason 💪🏽🤞🏽"

Other than being a great entertainer, Chris loves hanging out with his daughter Royalty and he gushed over her every time he has the chance.

He recently took her to work and told this to fans on social media.

Fans could not be happier to see him hanging out with her like that. He captioned the photo saying that she’s his twin.

Chris" fans have been gushing over him in the comments section, and most of them said that this cute girl managed to bring out the best in him and Royalty definitely made him a better man.

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