Sunday, April 28, 2019

Tanisha Asghedom, AKA Chyna Hussle, And Daughter Emani Pay Tribute To Nipsey Hussle In New Video And Picture -- Fans Defend Her From Clout Chasing Charge at


Tanisha Asghedom, who goes by the name Chyna Hussle and is the mother of Nipsey Hussle"s daughter, Emani, has returned to social media to pay tribute to the late rapper with a sweet video.

Lauren London also shares a son with Nipsey Hussle named Kross. Tanisha and Emani celebrated Easter by writing Nipsey Hussle"s name on eggs.

The mourning mother also posted a picture that showed the slain"s businessman"s name written on the floor with chalk and surrounded by cute hearts.

One critic slammed Tanisha for trying to get the media"s attention: "Girl you really doing the most right now. Clout chasing! You weren’t doing all that when he was alive🙄."

Fans said let the woman pay her respects in peace.

This supporter stated: "Life"s unpredictable. He could have even ended back up with her, u never know... Death is permanent though. I had a lump in my throat behind his death & didn"t even know him, so how can she be faking 4 clout? She loved that man, laid with that man & created another beautiful life with that man. She knew & dealt with him b4 he evolved. We don"t know what all they"ve been through. U guys are disrespecting the other half of him by disrespecting Emani"s mom. His daughter has one parent left & to think she needs her only remaining parent to be trashed & dogged out by everyone... He elevated & wanted blacks to stop hating on each other. Crips & Bloods can come together, but yawl can"t stop hating on her? Simply pathetic..."

Another commenter shared: "It’s not called clout it’s called mourning and showing love to the father of her child smh you jobless people won’t pull up!! stay being a verbalist for the gram because it pays you!!!Y’all have to understand this is his child’s mother she had a right to feel and grief to y’all don’t know the full story and don’t judge people 💙💙💙💙"

This backer explained: "How you gone be a Nipsey fan but disrespectful towards his Child mother 🙄 like getting all of you miserable ass of this girl page. Tf cus I’m pretty sure he is not playing about her either."

This fan revealed:"So a fan can post love you Nip but his own mother of his child cant they created a child they have years of memories together she new him personally and had his heart at once that"s love. That"s life God put them together it was written. So how dare anyone try and take that away from her blasphemy on whoever hate on her."

Tanisha is part of Nipsey Hussle"s story regardless of what critics say.

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