Sunday, April 28, 2019

Jordyn Woods And Doppelgänger Sister Jodie Woods Have Fans Confused With New Pictures at


Jordyn Woods has fans seeing double in a series of sweet pictures with her teen sister, Jodie Woods.

Kylie Jenner"s former BFF took to social media where she posed with Jodie who was celebrating her 13th birthday.

In the photos, the 21-year-old model and her doppelgänger are both dressed in black with their long hair cascading on their shoulders.

Jordyn captioned the photos: "Thank you, mom & dad. I didn’t know that when I asked for a baby sis 13 years ago, my mom would birth another me. 🧬 💪🏾💕"

Fans are shocked by how much the sisters look alike.

One person stated: "Wow. Identical twins. When you have the same mother and father, that’s usually what occurs. When you have the same mother and father, that’s usually what happens."

Another commenter shared: "What if the whole time it was her sis & she just took the blame 🤯😭 Everyone who leaves the Kardashians Harden, Lamar, Tyga, and Jordyn. Honorable mention Scott successfully excel. I love this Jordyn!!! You need to make a documentary on how you felt being in the motherland, how connected your felt, how this will impact your future, and which pieces of advice based on this trip you can spare to the rest of us African descendent. IT WILL BE AWESOME!!! You are using your platform just right. #ProudBlackWomen"

This follower revealed: "Wow. Her whole doppelgänger imagine carrying children for nine months for them to look like you hit copy and paste. I was like “which one is which?” for a second."

A source, who spoke to Hollywood Life, explained that Jordyn has discovered who her real friends are after the Tristan Thompson cheating drama.

The insider said: “This situation has truly shown her who her real friends are. This whole thing has been a giant learning experience for her. Jordyn Woods is still shaken up over the loss of her friendship with Kylie and scandal involving Tristan Thompson. Jordyn knows it’s important because now she’s all on her own and needs to be out there, but she"s as closed off and private as possible.”

The person went on to reveal: “She doesn’t trust a lot of people, that much is clear. When out, she is just keeping to herself and doing her own thing. Jordyn wants to be out because she knows she has products to promote and needs to be social and isn’t wanting to sit at home and sulk, but she’s trying to do it by keeping to herself as much as possible.”

Jordyn is bouncing back nicely after the scandal.

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