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Tamar And Toni Braxton’s Niece Lauren Found Dead At Age 24 at lxbr.info


Tamar and Toni Braxton are mourning the loss of their niece, Lauren, who was found dead at age 24.

Lauren, who was affectionately called Lolo by her family, is the daughter of Toni"s younger brother Michael Braxton Jr. Tamar"s older brother, reportedly told TMZ his daughter Lauren died in their Maryland home Monday of causes related to a heart condition.

Law enforcement told the website a 911 call was placed around noon on Monday to be dispatched to the home. Unfortunately, when they arrived at the house, Lolo was unresponsive. Paramedics pronounced her dead on the scene.

The police report obtained by TMZ explains Lauren was talking with a friend, whose name is not revealed, in the kitchen when the friend decided to run upstairs for less than ten minutes. When the friend returned, Lauren was on the floor unresponsive.


Fans of Braxton Family Values know Michael is a Maryland based singer-songwriter. He is the only boy in the family, which also includes Traci, Towanda, and Trina. Toni is the oldest member of the famous siblings, while Tamar is the youngest.

The Braxton family is distraught over losing Lauren, especially Michael. Not long after news broke of Lolo"s shocking death, her aunt Trina posted a picture of the beautiful young lady and sharing a heartfelt message about their loss on Instagram.

"God sent me another angel! Rest in Heaven Lauren ‘LoLo" Braxton," Trina captioned the photo.

Friends and family have flooded Lauren"s Instagram page, which was full of family photos and messages. The comments section on all of her posts have been filled up with condolences, tributes and well wished to the Braxton clan.

Following the news of the 24-year-old"s death, a rep for the family released a statement.


"We ask that you, please respect the Braxton family"s privacy in this time of sadness and loss," a rep for the famous family shared on Tuesday.

Neither Tamar Braxton nor Toni Braxton has responded to the new of their young niece, Lauren Braxton"s death, including post something on social media. However, along with Trina’s social media post, Traci Braxton also released a message early Tuesday afternoon expressing her heartbreak over losing Lauren.

"LoLo was more than my niece, she was my daughter; and I, my son and husband are truly heartbroken over her passing," Traci stated.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Braxton family during this difficult and unbearable time.

Kristen Stewart ‘Grateful’ She"s Still Friends With Robert Pattinson - The Exes Keep In Touch at lxbr.info


Kristen Stewart and her co-star and former boyfriend Robert Pattinson broke up no less than six years ago but it looks like they are still friendly today! The Twilight stars apparently sometimes text about ‘work’ but also ‘personal stuff!’

Despite the actress’ cheating scandal, the two have an ‘indescribable bond’ which is why they find it so easy to keep in touch.

In an interview with Sunday Times’ Style magazine, Robert Pattinson revealed that he is on ‘good terms’ with his ex.

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Yes, Rob really does consider Kristen a friend even though they don’t see each other much at all, the last time being at a mutual friend’s home for a party a while ago. They occasionally text, sometimes about personal stuff and sometimes about work stuff. They are very much friendly but also very private too.’

They went on to dish that ‘Rob does not talk much about Kristen out of respect for what they once shared and where they are at now in their relationship. Kristen is grateful to be able to call Rob a friend after all these years. They have been through a lot together and she is appreciative that he forgave her for some of the mistakes she made in their relationship.’

She never intended to hurt him and since the cheating drama, Kristen’s matured a lot.

Kristen is really grateful they are in a place where they can actually talk without the past affecting their friendship in any way.

They can now share things and know they’ve forgiven each other and themselves for everything that went wrong in their relationship.

It"s pretty rare for exes to be so close especially after such a public scandal that ended things between them which means that their bond must really be very special!

RHONJ Star Teresa Giudice Thinks Its Too Late For Gia"s Petition To Save Juicy Joe From Deportation at lxbr.info


Earlier this week, Gia Giudice, the oldest daughter of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, started an online petition on Change.org in an attempt to keep her father, Joe, from being deported to his native Italy. However, a new report claims that Teresa believes it is “too late,” and Joe is going to have to leave the United States.

In the petition, Gia begs President Donald Trump to pardon Joe so he can avoid his judge-ordered deportation, and she asked for 50,000 signatures.


“We request that our President, Donald J. Trump, review our petition and pardon my father to relieve him of this life sentence the courts are bestowing on him,” Gia wrote. “Yes, in Italy he will no longer be incarcerated, but will he ever be free if kept from his family and be able to be a productive member of society?”

But, while Gia holds out hope that her father will return home to New Jersey, her mom is preparing for divorce. An insider says that Teresa has been “working on the divorce for months,” after an Immigration Judge ordered Joe’s deportation last October.

After serving three years in federal prison, the BOP released Joe from custody in March. But, because of the judge’s ruling, Joe wasn’t allowed to go home. Instead, he was turned over to the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and placed in a detention center.

Earlier this month, Joe’s appeal of the decision was denied, and he has almost run out of chances to stay in the only country he has ever known.

Gia’s petition received 10,000 signatures just hours after it was posted, but according to Radar Online, an insider says that the petition was the wrong move, and Teresa is “so f***ed.” The source explained that the family knows nothing is going to come from the petition because it"s too little too late.

“She [Teresa] never cared this whole last year when it was so bad,” says the source.

The RHONJ star didn’t show up to court last fall in support of her husband, and earlier this year she was spotted spending time with a man twenty years her junior. Teresa also revealed during the Season 9 RHONJ reunion that if Joe were deported, she would end the 20-year marriage because long-distance relationships don’t work.


Giudice family attorney, James J. Leonard, says that Joe has asked his wife and daughters not to visit him at the ICE detention center because it doesn’t allow contact visits.

“Joe does not want to put Teresa and the girls through the horrific ordeal of driving several hours to visit him and not be able to hug him,” says Leonard. “They would be restricted to talking on a phone while separated by plexiglass. It’s inhumane that this man cannot hug his wife or kiss his daughters.”

Joe still speaks to Teresa Giudice several times a day on the phone, and Leonard says that the family will continue to fight together until the very end.

Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Are One Big Happy Family With Her Boys On Date Night at lxbr.info


Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and her three boys - Kingston, 12, Zuma, 10, and Apollo, 5 - made their red carpet debut together as a family this past weekend when they attended the premiere of UglyDolls at the Regal Cinemas L.A. And, of course, the Wind It Up singer documented the night on her Instagram Story.

In the new animated feature, Shelton voices the character of Ox, a light green rabbit with one eye who is the unofficial mayor of Uglyville. He is a mentor to the other UglyDolls, and he keeps them safe. But, he isn’t just about security - Ox also likes to party.


Shelton explained that his character has a big secret which he has been hiding for a long time, but he did it for the right reasons.

The Voice coach kept it casual for the premiere, wearing a blue plaid shirt, jeans, a navy jacket, and brown boots. Stefani smiled for the cameras while rocking a black top, boyfriend jeans with colorful circle detailing, fishnets, and black heels. She topped off the look with a multi-colored jacket.

"It’s a rare thing for Gwen and I to even get out at all. We don’t really get a chance to do anything. One of the two of us are working, or the kids are in school — it just never works out for us to all go out. We get to do it about four or five times a year — this is one of them,” Shelton told Extra.

Shelton added that he was happy all five of them were able to go to the premiere together. He says the kids were excited to see the movie, and he liked being a part of the project because it has such a great message. The country music superstar also claimed that his “cool points went up” with the boys because he voiced a character in the movie.

Shelton joked that he related to his character because the doll is “super ugly” and he has a “big belly hanging off him.”


During the car ride on the way to the premiere, Stefani shared on her Instagram story all of the UglyDolls billboards that they passed along the way. She also posted some video clips from the red carpet, as well as inside the movie screening and the after-party.

Late last week, Gwen Stefani posted a throwback pic from when she and Blake Shelton started dating in 2015, and they were both coaches on The Voice. The photo showed the two smiling at each other in passing, and she wrote in the caption, "#ticktock #timeflies @blakeshelton #bestie ❤️ gx."

UglyDolls hits theaters nationwide on May 3rd.

Kandi Burruss Admits She"d Exit ‘RHOA’ If Phaedra Parks Returned - Here"s Why! at lxbr.info


Kandi Burruss made it very clear that if Phedra Parks comes back to Real Housewives of Atlanta, she will leave! The reason is pretty simple – she just has zero desire to ever work with Parks again after what happened between them!

While on The Breakfast Club earlier today, Charlamagne Tha God asked about the rumors that she would leave the show if Phaedra returned.

In response, Kandi did not avoid the question and admitted that ‘Well, technically, yeah. At the end of the day, they [the press] said that I called Bravo and said that. No, I didn"t call Bravo and tell them. Did I say that to anyone? Yes, I did. Basically, I kind of feel like – in real life, if someone, says to you or about you, that you tried to drug someone and sexually assault them, and it comes back that person was lying … would you want to work with that person?’

She recalled how Phaedra told Porsha Williams that Kandi, alongside her husband Todd Tucker wanted to spike Williams’ drink and rape her.

‘So, that’s just how I feel about it. That’s kind of scary to me,’ Kandi mentioned.

While chatting with HollywoodLife, Kandi confessed that if Phaedra got her peach back, she’d leave the show.

‘I just think it’s kind of crazy when you don’t even realize you’re in a battle with a person to the point where they would make up stuff about you. I would not have even ever known she was doing that had Porsha not told it at the reunion.’

It sounds like Kandi just doesn’t want to get involved in another scandal as big as the one caused by Phaedra. She just wants to avoid all the drama!

RHOC Shannon Beador Reaches Private Settlement With Cheater David, Amid Rumors He Is Set To Wed Mistress at lxbr.info


Almost a year-and-a-half after Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador filed for divorce from David Beador, the former couple is officially divorced. Earlier this week, Shannon and David reached a “private settlement” and presented it to an Orange County judge, bringing their 17-year marriage to an end.

According to Radar Online, the settlement came after three days of intense negotiations over finances and custody of their three children - Sophie, 17, Stella, 14, and Adeline, 14. However, the details of the agreement have not been revealed.


David was paying Shannon $22,500 a month in child and spousal support, and he had asked Judge James L. Waltz to lessen the amount, claiming that Shannon made over $1 million last year as a star of RHOC.

An insider says that Shannon is “relieved” that the divorce battle is now behind her. However, neither David nor Shannon has publicly commented about the settlement. She did write on Instagram that she had “a tough day that ended in celebration.”

Shannon and David split in September 2017, and Shannon filed for divorce in December of the same year. Around that same time, David started dating Lesley Cook, and a source says that the couple plans to get married now that David’s divorce is final.

“David and Lesley are very much still together, and they can’t wait for this divorce to behind them,” said an insider. “They are going to get married soon, and want to honeymoon in Paris!”

During Season 13 of RHOC, Shannon struggled with David moving on so quickly, and her co-stars had some problems with how she dealt with the divorce - including Shannon’s tendency to turn to alcohol to deal with her problems.

But, it looks like Shannon has finally made it past all of the divorce drama, and has started dating again. Currently, she is seeing Comcast Spotlight exec, Rick Stanley.

Fans have watched Shannon and David go through many ups and downs during recent RHOC seasons. In Season 10 she revealed that he was unfaithful, but then the couple attempted to rebuild their marriage and had a vow renewal ceremony.


Things turned sour again, with David getting more and more distant and hitting the gym instead of spending time with his family. Shannon ended up gaining 40 pounds through stress-eating which created more problems in the marriage.

Now, Shannon Beador has lost all of that weight and is looking better than ever, and her relationship with David has finally come to an end.

New episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County will return to Bravo in July.

Blac Chyna Teaches Fans How To Treat Their Skin With Respect at lxbr.info


Blac Chyna has been promoting various skin care products for a really long time, and even though a lot of haters bashed her, she continued to support her products from Lashed.

She recently shared her best products for skin care and told her fans on social media how these can help the health of their skin. Check out her posts below.

"Your skin has a memory. In ten, twenty, thirty years from now, your skin will show the results of how it was treated today. So treat it kindly and with respect. @lashedcosmetics “Brightening Cleansing Set” is for all skin types!" Chyna captioned one of her posts.


"Take good care of your skin and hydrate. If you have good skin, everything else will fall into place. @lashedcosmetics," another post is captioned.


Here"s what Chyna wrote under a third post in which she was promoting her product: "You"re a diamond 💎 Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time. @lashedcosmetics."


Not too long ago, she also showed fans the miracle product that she is using and which helps her have flawless skin.

It’s the organic skin lightener for which people have bashed her in the past and she decided to advertise it on social media again.

She used to receive a lot of hate for promoting this product and it was also reported that even Rob Kardashian criticized her for this.

Is Porsha Williams Ready To Mend Her Relationship With RHOA OG NeNe Leakes? at lxbr.info


The friendship between Real Housewives of Atlanta stars NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams has seemingly come to an end after an alleged off-camera physical altercation in Leakes’ closet during Season 11 - not to mention their major blowout during the reunion. In a recent interview, Williams updated fans on her and Leakes’ friendship status, and she says the bond the two women once had is beyond repair.

While talking to Hollywood Life, Williams revealed that she hasn’t heard from Leakes since she gave birth to her first child - Pilar Jhena McKinley - last month.


During the Season 11 reunion, Leakes admitted she didn’t send Williams a baby shower gift, and the new mom made it clear that Leakes’ lack of support was hurtful. Williams also called out Leakes for her attitude.

“That makes me feel like any experience I have ever had with you was fake. For you to sit here and say, ‘No, I didn’t get you a gift,’ and ‘No, you’re not my friend,’” Williams said. “That sh*t f**king hurts.”

After the reunion taping, the two had a nasty text exchange, and Williams posted some screenshots of the conversation on social media. During the text conversation, Leakes allegedly called Williams a “lying a** big fat hungry b***h,” and she also wrote that Williams should “try dieting.”

This text exchange happened just six days after Williams gave birth to Pilar. She says it was hard for her to read the fat-shaming messages because it is difficult to get used to her brand new body.

After Williams shared the screenshots, Leakes apparently sent a cease and desist letter, and the 37-year-old says that getting the legal paperwork was a sure sign that their friendship was over.


Instead of focusing on her broken friendship with Leakes, Williams says she is concentrating on being a mom to baby Pilar and planning her wedding to fiance, Dennis McKinley. She explained that busy new moms like herself appreciate the support from friends and family. And, if someone isn’t calling, she isn’t thinking about them.

Currently, Porsha Williams is starring in a three-episode spin-off titled The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Porsha’s Having a Baby which airs Sunday nights on Bravo.

Counting On Star Kendra Caldwell Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump In New Photos With Joseph Duggar at lxbr.info


Counting On stars Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell recently announced that they are expecting their second child, and fans are already on the lookout for a baby bump. During Easter weekend, Caldwell posted a pic of the growing family celebrating the holiday, and while the 20-year-old looked stunning in her pink Easter dress, she still isn’t showing.

Caldwell still looked extremely tiny in her flowy, pink dress, while Duggar stood next to her wearing a suit and tie and held 10-month-old Garrett who rocked a plaid shirt, bright orange shorts, and striped socks.


It’s pretty much the cutest pic the “Little Duggar Family” has posted so far on their new Instagram page, and fans flooded the comments section with compliments.

“Kendra, you are glowing! I love the dress!” wrote one fan, while another added, “You look beautiful in that pink!”

Caldwell previously wore the dress to Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson’s wedding last June just three weeks after she gave birth to Garrett. And, while the dress looks comfortable and stylish, it seems to give the mom-to-be plenty of room for a growing belly.

Duggar and Caldwell announced on April 11th that they were going to be parents again, and said that they were “ready to double the fun” in their house. The couple told Us Weekly that being parents had already proven to be a greater joy than they could have imagined, and they are enjoying every moment and milestone. They added that they are happy to welcome a new addition to their family, and “children really are a blessing from God.”


Caldwell didn’t start the family’s Instagram page until earlier this year, so this will be the first pregnancy she documents on social media. Hopefully, fans will get some fun pregnancy updates from Caldwell similar to Jessa Seewald and Jinger Duggar.

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell have already posted some adorable moments featuring baby Garrett, and fans are excited to watch him grow up over the next few months while waiting for his little brother or sister. And, of course, they will be looking out for a baby bump.

New episodes of Counting On will return to TLC later this year.

Teresa Guidice And Her Daughters "Overwhelmed" Amid Joe"s Deportation Danger at lxbr.info


Ever since Joe Giudice’s latest appeal was rejected, his wife, Teresa has been stressing out more than ever! The man is currently awaiting deportation and she and their four daughters are overwhelmed.

For months, the family has been fighting to get him clemency but at this point, it doesn’t seem like he will be able to avoid being deported, no matter how much the girls and their mother want to see him back home.

Joe is still in the custody of ICE, waiting for his deportation to Italy.

Not knowing if her husband will be allowed to return home to his family is really overwhelming for the Real Housewives of New Jersey celeb, one insider report mentions.

‘Teresa is feeling overwhelmed and emotional after what was one of the toughest weeks of her life. This was a really hard and emotional week for her and it’s just all becoming so real for her. She truly thought Joe would be able to come home by now and it’s really taking a toll on her and her daughters. She’s extremely emotional right now and trying to do the best she can, but this week took a lot out of her.’

The reality TV star has been doing everything in her power to try and stop Joe’s deportation sentence from happening but as the days go by, it seems more and more hard to avoid.

The mother of four even petitioned her former Celebrity Apprentice boss and current president of the United States, Donald Trump, asking him to pardon Joe.

She also pleaded with Judge John Ellington to send him home, writing in a letter: ‘My husband is the true love of my life and the most amazing father that I could ask God for our four daughters. I cannot imagine life without him. Judge Ellington, my daughters need their father.’

NeNe Leakes Mourns The Death Of John Singleton With An Emotional Message at lxbr.info


NeNe Leakes is one of the many people who is mourning the death of John Singleton these days. He suffered a stroke back on April 17, and he"s been hospitalized since then. People have been praying and hoping that he would recover but this did not happen.

After a lot of struggle, his family decided to take him off life support. Ever since, his family, friends, and fans have been heartbroken.

People keep showing a lot of support on social media to the family and friends of John. NeNe also shared an emotional message on her social media account, and you can check it out below.

"Dreamer, Storyteller, Gracious, Inspirational, Creative, Visionary, Director all in 1 amazing soul. Rest In Peace #johnsingleton," NeNe posted on her social media account.


Someone wrote "What a beautiful tribute. 🙏🏽 We"re losing so many of our brothers and sisters to health issues. Father, please comfort and strengthen all who are in mourning."

After sharing the devastating news, John Singleton will be removed from life support today, his family revealed he "quietly struggled with hypertension and high blood pressure."

In the statement, the Singleton family encouraged all of his fans to visit Heart.org to learn about any symptoms of either condition.

A lot of celebrities have shown support for the family and friends, and they made sure to share many emotional messages on social media.

Let"s keep John"s family and friends in our prayers during such a difficult time. Rest in peace, John.

RHOBH Star Lisa Vanderpump Wants Dorit Kemsley"s Major Money Issues To Be A Storyline Too at lxbr.info


Season 9 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been all about Puppygate, and star Lisa Vanderpump wants to know why it has dominated the narrative. Fans know this because late last week, Vanderpump responded to a tweet about lawsuits against Kyle Richards, Erika Jayne, and Dorit Kemsley not being discussed this season.

“You could have aired Erika’s financial issues, Bravo, instead of allowing the ridiculous attack on LVP’s reputation. NOTHING was filmed/said about this…or Kyle/Mo being sued…or Dorit/PK being sued,” read the tweet. “No, let’s hurt LVP for the 4th year!!!”


The 58-year-old restaurateur - who is not speaking to her castmates - responded with one simple word: “exactly.”

Last August, when the RHOBH women traveled to the Bahamas, a video surfaced of a woman confronting Kemsley over money she allegedly owed Ryan Horne, her former Beverly Beach partner. The woman screamed “You cheap b***h!” at Kemsley after Horne claimed he fronted Doris and her husband PK $200,000 for her swimsuit line, but they never paid the money back once the line started making a profit.

Dorit filed a countersuit, saying Horne was a “vendor,” and earlier this year the judge ordered the case into mediation.

Several episodes of RHOBH during Season 9 documented the cast trip to the Bahamas, but they completely left out the incident. The show has also failed to mention PK’s additional legal troubles, which include a lawsuit against him for failure to pay a $75,000 gambling debt.

Then there is Jayne and Richards, whose husbands are facing their own legal battles. Jayne’s husband, Tom Girardi, a partner at the law firm Girardi Keese, is facing a $15 million lawsuit from Law Finance Group over an unpaid loan.

Richards’ husband, Mauricio Umansky and his real estate company, The Agency, are also involved in a lawsuit over the sale of a Malibu mansion. According to Page Six, Sweetwater Malibu LLC claims that Umansky and his company manipulated them into selling the home for $32.5 million before flipping the house and reselling the property for $69.9 million.


Despite all of the legal drama in the cast, the focus of Season 9 continues to be Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy, and Vanderpump is sick of it. She recently confessed that filming this season was so difficult, she had to take antidepressants and go to grief counseling. In addition to Puppygate, LVP has also had to deal with the unexpected death of her brother.

Lisa Vanderpump has not yet revealed if she will show up for the Season 9 reunion, or if she will return next season.

Jennifer Aniston Reportedly Wanted To Have Kids With Brad Pitt Before His Affair With Angelina Jolie at lxbr.info


Fifteen years ago, Jennifer Aniston was finishing up her role as Rachel Green on Friends and transitioning to film roles that made her one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. At the time, she was also married to Brad Pitt, and the two were ready to start a family. So, what happened to Aniston’s plans to have a baby?

"It"s time. It"s time. You know, I think you can work with a baby. I think you can work pregnant. I think you can do all of it,” Aniston told The Guardian in a 2004 interview. “So I"m just truly looking forward to slowing down."


When she wrapped Friends, the actress had plans to travel with Pitt when he filmed Ocean’s Twelve. But, the problem was that at the time, Pitt was shooting Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and that’s where he met Angelina Jolie.

Pitt ended up having an affair with Jolie, and he left Aniston for the Tomb Raider star. This brought an end to Aniston’s baby plans, as she and Pitt announced their separation in January 2005 and then finalized their divorce later that year.

By 2006, Pitt and Jolie had announced that they were pregnant with their first child, and Aniston was being linked to different men, including her The Break-Up co-star Vince Vaughn, musician John Mayer, and her The Bounty Hunter co-star Gerard Butler.

Eventually, Aniston met Justin Theroux, and the couple dated for four years before they tied the knot in 2015. Unfortunately, the marriage lasted just two years, and they called it quits in February 2018. Pitt is also single again after a twelve-year relationship with Jolie that included a two-year marriage and six kids.

Over the years, Aniston’s views on being a mother have changed, with her revealing in a recent interview that she finds the idea of having a child “kind of frightening.” She also made it clear that she doesn’t need a husband or a baby to be happy.


“We live in a society that messages women: By this age, you should be married; by this age, you should have children. That’s a fairy tale. That’s the mold we’re slowly trying to break out of," Aniston told Elle magazine last December.

She went on to say that some people are made to be wives and have babies, and she isn’t sure how naturally that comes to her.

Jennifer Aniston’s newest film Murder Mystery -which she stars in with Adam Sandler - will hit Netflix on June 14th.

Kenya Moore"s Heart Is Crushed After John Singleton"s Death - See Her Heartfelt Message at lxbr.info


Everyone was shocked and devastated to learn that John Singleton had passed away. He was hospitalized following a stroke, but people prayed really hard and hoped that he would get better.

But unfortunately, this did not happen, and his family decided to let him go.

A lot of people have paid their respects in various posts, and Kenya Moore is doing the same thing now.

"When I tell you my heart is crushed. I met #JohnSingleton around 1994. He was always so kind, smart, funny and sweet and he was a true visionary. He was so humble and fun and was “woke” when that wasn’t even a “thing” back then. John, you are a class act, loving father and great friend and mentor. Your heart is pure, and I pray for your family for this tremendous loss. Your art will live on. You are a part of history. We love you. Rest In Peace. 🙏🏾💔" Kenya posted on her social media account.


Someone said "Kenya you said it all. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Our condolence to his family and all love ones. Kenya you are a true legend and also part of history."

One other follower said "He made my dream of working in Hollywood come true. Just like we used to talk about in Mr. Poterala’s Geometry class at CT! :) A legend who will be missed. Congrats on all your success."

Someone wrote "Blessings to his family; such a devastating decision to have to make."

A follower posted this emotional message: "RIP my brother😮. Thank you for opening up many doors when Hollywood failed to. And because you gave many chances and choices to show their talent to the screen made them successful. And for those who watched got smarter, “street smart!” Love you, and will always respect your work of art and your genuine soul you brought to Hollywood. My prayers go to your loving family and dear friends.😢😢😢 Love you Kenya you too are an inspiring human being. I too learned from you on and off screen. Blessings to your adorable family as well.😍❤️😍❤️. "

Please, let"s keep John"s family, and friends lifted in prayer during such a painful time.

Bethenny Frankel Ready To Wed? RHONY Co-Star Sonja Morgan Thinks Paul Bernon Is Her "Soulmate" at lxbr.info


Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan couldn’t be happier for her co-star, Bethenny Frankel. Despite going through a nasty custody battle with ex-husband Jason Hoppy, dealing with health issues, and grieving the loss of her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Dennis Shields, Frankel is now dating businessman Paul Bernon, and Morgan says the Skinnygirl mogul has met her “soulmate.”

Morgan was recently in Washington DC for the Progress Humanity gala at the United States Institute of Peace, and she told Radar Online that she’s happy Frankel has found someone who loves and cares for her after going through such a hard time in her life.


“Bethenny has had to deal with her ex’s drama for way too long and it’s time,” Morgan explained. “It’s past time. She is finally going to be done with this for the most part and meeting Paul after everything that has happened to her really is full circle. She loses her best friend, and now she’s met her soulmate!”

Frankel has been in and out of court in recent months battling Hoppy for custody of their 8-year-old daughter, Bryn, and Bernon has accompanied Frankel to court to support her in the fight.

The reality star is also mourning the loss of Shields, and during this season of RHONY, fans have watched Frankel sob over her best friend’s passing after he died from an alleged prescription pill overdose last August.

Morgan says that Frankel was very close to Shields, and he had a great relationship with Bryn. And, after he died, Morgan was worried that Frankel would go to a dark place. But, Frankel has bounced back, and Morgan says that Bernon has bonded with Bryn.

Cameras first spotted Frankel and Bernon together last October in Boston, and the pair wasn’t shy about packing on the PDA. While walking near Boston College, the duo held hands and then shared a passionate kiss.


Bernon has a BA in Film Studies from Boston University and a Master’s Degree from NYU in Real Estate. He is the co-founder of Burn Later, a film finance and production company based in Los Angeles, and he is the managing partner for Rubicon Real Estate LLC.

Both Frankel and Bernon have found success in the business world, and they are happy in their relationship, but they are still doing things long distance. Bethenny Frankel lives in New York, while Bernon is still in Boston.

New episodes of Real Housewives of New York City air Wednesday nights on Bravo.

Porsha Williams" Sister, Lauren Williams Goes Blonde And Looks Amazing - See Porsha"s Recent Pics With Lauren at lxbr.info


Porsha Williams posted a few photos with her sister, Lauren Williams to promote the Go Naked Hair. Lauren is now blonde and it looks terrific on her.

Fans and follower also appreciate Lauren"s look, but they also make sure to praise Porsha"s evolution on RHOA.

Someone told Porsha "So proud of you Porsha! You stayed true to yourself and time has revealed your authentic self! One of my favorite housewives ever! 😘❤️😍🔥😘"

Another follower said "Girl your body is snatched. You betta work @porsha4real."


One commenter also praised Porsha: "Damn @porsha4real look good I’m jealous she just had a whole person, I’m over here complaining."

Lauren was praised as well for the way she"s looking these days: "@lodwill out here looking like a whole meal,🤬 a snack! 💕"

A follower agreed and said "Wow @porsha4real your sister looks stunning. Cover girl. Well it runs in the family y’all get it from mom. But man she’s really beautiful in these pics."

Someone said "You look great @porsha4real . Someone was talking about your shape?? WTF!! You are the best looking member of #rhoatl . #DoYou 👸🏾💰💰"

One fan says that Porsha is looking much better now after she had a kid: "Dam I never a lady that had babies n look better n finer than before you have great genetics."

Just recently, after debuting her special edition of ‘Porsha’s Having a Baby’ on Bravo TV, Porsha had another exciting announcement for her fans. She just launched a subscription streaming platform.

"Counting On" Star Jinger Duggar May Have Her Own Reasons For Moving To Los Angeles at lxbr.info


Counting On stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo recently announced that they are moving from Laredo, Texas, to Los Angeles this summer so Vuolo can continue his education at the Master’s Seminary. And, as Duggar documents the family’s moving prep on Instagram, fans are starting to wonder if the 26-year-old has her own career goals when she gets to the West Coast.

Duggar has apparently found inspiration from Marie Kondo and her Netflix series Tidying Up because she has been sharing her own clean-up efforts on her Instagram Stories. The mom of 9-month-old Felicity has purged her home of unnecessary items and organized her closets, and she has also shown off her healthy cooking skills in the kitchen.


The Counting On star has already become a social media influencer, thanks to her one million followers. She loves to show off her purchases from Cousin Amy’s boutique, and she also shares healthy recipes and healthy food purchases.

This led to Radar Online speculating that Duggar was preparing to become a chef when she moves to Los Angeles, or maybe she could be building her own lifestyle brand? The women in the Duggar family are all about getting married and having babies because of their religious beliefs, and they never have jobs outside of the home.

But, Duggar could easily turn her role as a mom and homemaker in a conservative, traditional family into an interesting brand that could merge her trendy, yet conservative fashion with her mommy hacks, homemaking tips, and healthy food choices.

Compared to her sister Jill - who fans love to slam because of her habit of sharing recipes loaded with sodium and carbs, and full of ingredients like canned soup - Jinger is all about healthy eating. And, her fans love everything the rebel Duggar does.

Most members of the Duggar family have faced their fair share of criticism online because of questionable social media posts. Trolls criticize everything from books they read to their children to controversial political views.


But, Jinger can seemingly do no wrong. Fans have supported her decision to ignore the Duggar dress code, they love that she waited a little bit to have her first child, and they are super excited that she is moving even further away from her parents.

Jinger Duggar has a major opportunity to completely break away from her family and do her own thing. And, we wouldn’t be surprised if she actually did it. Maybe, there could be a Vuolo-focused Counting On spinoff? Fans will just have to stay tuned to see what the Vuolo’s do next.

New episodes of Counting On will return to TLC later this summer.

Toya Wright Shares A Fun Workout Activity In Her Recent Video With Monyetta And Letoya And Fans Are Here For It at lxbr.info


Toya Wright shared a workout-related video and told fans that she"s always looking for new and entertaining gym activities. She"s been busy supporting the Weight No More movement for a while and she keeps posting things related to this matter.

As you probably know by now, this is a movement which aims to support the fight against obesity and overweight.

"I’m always looking for fun workout activities since my honey, and I started this weight no more movement. Tune in tonight to see what craziness I came up with this time.🤣. This one was pretty fun tho. Thanks @monyettashaw and @letoyaluckett for joining in on my shenanigans.....tune in to @vh1 tonight 9/8c #familyhustle," Toya captioned her post.


Someone said "LeToya and TIP have me dying laughing every episode....I can"t even 😂😂😂😂"

One follower posted "I love this episode tonight when you had a talk with your baby sis,I felt that with every bone in my body..I’m in your shoes..hopefully one day my sisters and I will come to this..they come to me for everything..but who can I run to..stay beautiful @toyawright ♥️♥️♥️"

One fan noticed Toya"s jacket and quickly told her "Omg @toyawright I have that same jacket, from forever21 😍😁"

Yesterday, Toya told fans that she had the best Sunday with her princess Reign Rushing.

It seems that the two ladies went to Disney on ice and Toya documented her day on social media for fans, so she posted pics and videos featuring the cutie pie.

Fans just loved Reigny in the videos and the way that she was acting during the show, so they made sure to tell this to Toya.

Brad Pitt Reportedly Making Up For Lost Time Be Spending The Summer With His Kids at lxbr.info


This summer, Brad Pitt is starring in the new Quentin Tarantino movie Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, but all he has to do is a few press junkets to promote the film. Other than that, he is saying no to work and avoiding film sets this summer so he can spend time with his kids.

According to Radar Online, Pitt’s plans to film a World War Z sequel have been put on hold, so he is taking the summer off and refusing all offers to work.


“Brad had this time blocked off to make the World War Z sequel, and now that it’s fallen apart, he’s decided not to take any other jobs and just be close to his kids for the summer,” claims an insider.

The source explained that Pitt wants to use this opportunity to rebuild his broken relationship with his two oldest sons - Maddox and Pax - and he is hoping to bond with the boys over their new love of motorcycles and sports.

For the past two-and-a-half years, Pitt has been involved in a nasty divorce battle with Angelina Jolie, and at one point he had to fight just to communicate with his children. When he does get to spend time with the kids, it is out of the public eye and behind closed doors at his Los Feliz home.

Pitt went over 900 days without being photographed with his kids, but Jolie is taking them out to public events every chance she gets.

Now that the Oscar-winner is officially single, thanks to a recent bifurcated judgment, and he doesn’t have any work commitments this summer, Pitt’s top priority is his relationships with the kids. The insider says that there was a time when Pitt couldn’t imagine not making the World War Z sequel, but now he sees it as a blessing.


As Jolie commits to new roles and is set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, her schedule is jam-packed. But, Pitt is slowing things down and wants “to be the kind of dad he always wanted to be.”

Jolie is reportedly moving to England for six months so she can shoot The Eternals, but insiders say it isn’t clear if Brad Pitt will be joining Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox while they are in London, or if the kids will be spending their time with Pitt in Los Angeles.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood hits theaters on July 26th.

Tiny Harris Celebrates Her Big Sister, Michelle"s Birthday With An Emotional Message And A Makeup-Free Photo at lxbr.info


Tiny Harris just celebrated her big sister, Michelle"s birthday. She marked the event with a heartfelt message on her social media account. Check it out below.

"Celebrating my big sister @michellerich46 today!!! I can’t thank this woman enough for all the love & support she’s giving me my entire life!! She took me everywhere with her as a kid. She would kick yo ass about me too..fr!!! Thank you sis for all that you do!! Praying you are Blessed with many more birthdays days!! Love you to the moon & back!! #BloodSisters #ItsYourBirthday #NoMakeupFaceAss 👑🥰🥳🎊🎉🎂" Tiny captioned her pic.


Michelle answered with the following words: "Aww thank you! You are the best little sister I could of asked for..u are part of my heart💜I remember crying cause Momma wouldn’t let me change ur diaper!!! @majorgirl @mysisprettierthan your."

Someone said Michelle looks just like Tiny"s mom: "Omg that’s your mama’s twin right there😍😍 Happy birthday."

One person wrote "Tiny you are a natural beauty inside and out! Happy belated birthday to ya sister 🎉"

A follower posted "Happy Birthday big sis, God bless you to see many many more birthdays to come."

Someone else said that they "Didn"t even know u had a sis..happy bday to her..yall look just like your mother."

In other news, Tiny is planning to bring her racy alter ego on stage and Tip doesn"t necessarily agree. Read more about the subject in the previous article.

Wendy Williams" Estranged Husband Kevin Hunter Acting "Paranoid," Calls Cops 3 Times In 3 Days at lxbr.info


As the divorce drama between Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter rolls on, the talk show diva’s estranged ex is starting to get paranoid. A new report claims that Hunter called the police twice on two different days because of possible trespassers at the New Jersey home he once shared with Williams.

According to police reports, Hunter called the cops on April 18th and April 21st and reported harassment and public disturbances. The April 21st call took place at 2:29 pm, and he told the police there was an intruder on his property.


“He then stated the individual was on the neighbor’s property, and finally stated [that] the individual is on public property,” the report explained.

When police arrived, they reportedly found “a couple of people in the woods,” but they “left the area.”

According to Radar Online, on the 18th, Hunter claimed that there was a vehicle full of possible intruders on the street, but when the cops showed up, they determined the individuals weren’t breaking any laws.

There was also a report that Hunter called the police on April 20th when Williams showed up unannounced with a truck to move out of the Livingston, New Jersey, home. In the police report documenting the incident, Hunter demanded that Williams leave things alone and ordered the moving company to leave.

Williams’ friend Ronald Clinton and her son Kevin Jr. were at the house and helped the former couple reach a “fair compromise.” The 54-year-old ended up taking her clothes, some artwork, and bedroom furniture.

“Mr. and Mrs. Hunter mutually agreed to these terms, and further agreed that the remaining furnishings were to be undisturbed, inventoried, and valued at a later date,” the report reads.


Williams filed for divorce on April 11th after Hunter allegedly had a baby with his longtime mistress, Sharina Hudson. Williams and Hunter have been married for more than 22 years, and he was involved in every aspect of the talk show host’s life.

Hunter was Williams’ manager and the executive producer of The Wendy Williams Show. He was also the co-owner of Wendy Williams Production. However, after she filed for divorce, Williams fired Hunter as her manager and booted him from her talk show.

As for his ownership in the production company, that will all be worked out during the divorce settlement.

K. Michelle Shocks Everyone By Interrupting An Event In Nashville To Tell The Audience She"s The Next Taylor Swift - Here"s The Video at lxbr.info


Kimberly Michelle or K. Michelle has revamped her image and moved from a brawling chick with a career that was not too successful to the very next level. Now, it seems that her music is doing all the fighting for her.

Hot New Hip Hop details how during a recent event in Nashville, Tennessee, K. came on stage and took the mic to share a few words with the audience.

"Hello, Nashville. My name is K. Michelle. I have three number one albums on Billboard," she began.

K. said "You can pull out your Google right now...I am a black girl that sings better than any white motherfu*cking country singer in Nashville right now."


"And guess what? I have a ton of your favorite people behind me," K. continued and then said "So, when I say I"m the next mother f*cking Taylor Swift, it"s not a motherf*cking joke. It"s the motherf*cking truth. I"m black as sh*t. I listen to City Girls, and I curse mother f*ckers out."

Then, as Hot New Hip Hop notes, the clip fades out as K. was still speaking, so the rest of the message is a mystery.

Someone commented "In the words of Yara Shahidi “we don’t integrate, we recreate.” Create your own country music label instead of waiting for them to accept you."

Another follower said "She"s not a horrible artist but that attitude on her is RIDICULOUS."

One person wrote "Why not just sing a country song and show them that would’ve wowed them in a better way, not ignorance 🤦🏽‍♀️"

In other news, it was reported not too long ago that K. Michelle, has opted to weigh in on the drama between Rasheeda Frost and her hubby"s other baby mama, Jasmine Washington.

Rasheeda decided to accept Kannon — the son her husband, Kirk Frost, shares with his ex-side chick, Jasmine Washington and K. Michelle had some thoughts about this.

RHOC: Shannon Beador Divorce Settlement Reduces Monthly Support From David In Half at lxbr.info


The Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador and her husband David Beador have reached a financial settlement in their divorce that cuts her monthly support payments in half.

Days after it was revealed the couple had finally come to agreeable terms for their divorce, details regarding their settlement have been publicized. It has taken over a year and a half, but the estranged couple is officially divorced. Their divorce judgment formally was filed in Orange County Superior Court last week making them over for good.

People magazine obtained a copy of the court documents. David has agreed to pay Shannon a one-time lump sum of $1.4 million. The reason for the large payment is to help equalize the division of property.


In terms of monthly support, Shannon"s original request of $20,000 has been cut in half to $10,000, which is not chump change. The monthly payment will combine both spousal support, which Shannon will get for the next ten years and child support. $7,000 of the amount is for spousal support, while $3,000 is for child support.

Shannon and David are parents to three daughters, Sophie age 17, as well as 14-year-old twins Stella and Adeline. They have agreed to joint legal and physical custody of the girls. David has also decided to make sure their children have health insurance at all time. The former spouses will be considered single again in the eyes of the court as of July 1st.

Their turbulent relationship has been documented on RHOC. In season 10 Shannon informed her friends that David had cheated on her, which she discovered days before filming began on the season. They decided to give marriage counseling a try, allowing their sessions to be filmed for the Bravo show.


Despite the infidelity, the counseling appeared to work. David even surprised Shannon with a vow renewal ceremony. However, other issues were plaguing the couple, such as her weight gain and him checking out of the marriage. Eventually, all their problems led to David asking for a separation.

A rep for David and Shannon Beador has not yet confirmed the details of their divorce or even if the couple has finalized the end of their marriage. There is also no word on whether or not cameras were rolling as they came to a divorce settlement.

Madonna Is Dropping A Whole Bag Of $5 Million On Her Performance At The Billboard Awards - Some People Say That"s A Waste Of Money at lxbr.info


Madonna shocks fans with the latest news. It seems that she"s not playing at all when it comes to her performance. The Shade Room cites TMZ and delivers exciting news. Here are all the details.

TMZ reported that Madonna is "dropping a bag BAG on her Billboard performance and has spared no expense to make sure it’s amazing!" as TSR puts it.

It seems that some sources close to Madonna have confirmed to TMZ that she will be dropping $5 million for a special hologram performance.

TSR details that "The performance is set to take place on Wednesday at MG Las Vegas. Her performance also will reportedly last 7 minutes! There’s no word on who the hologram will feature, but it’s being said her performance is one of the most ambitious performance ever attempted on stage."

People are making all kinds of assumption, but mostly, they"re not here for this.


They say that this whole thing is nothing but a waste of money and she could have done something more useful with all that cash.

Someone said "Prince and Michael will be the hologram, Mark my words."

Another follower said that "$5 million could’ve gone to something more useful like helping human beings but who am I to tell folks how to spend their money 🤷🏽‍♀️"

Someone believes that she"s just trying to surpass Beyonce"s success: "Still won’t be better than a Beyoncé performance 🤷🏽‍♂️" while another follower said "Madonna gon crack them ankles trynna be relevant 😂😂😂"

One other follower posted this "Madonna, There are people who are dying! (In my Kourtney Kardashian voice)"

Not too long ago, Madonna announced a new album called Madame X.

There hasn’t been a formal release date yet, but fans are sure to be excited for the 14th record from the legendary singer.

Tyrese Reflects On His Relationship With John Singleton And Fans Offer Their Support at lxbr.info


John Singleton has died at 51 years old after he was hospitalized following a stroke back on April 17. Tyrese is reflecting on his relationship with John in a heartfelt message on social media.

"Laying in bed, I’m confused my soul feels drained.. For the last 2 days, I was in the presence of my HERO a man who literally changed my life and my families life forever. Of ALL the people in the world he decided to believe in me?.. a young impressionable ghetto little black boy from Watts who had hopes and dreams praying every day that God would figure out a way to get me out of the hood and see some shit... Like many of my nighas, I grew up with I just didn’t wanna end up in jail, or dead.. I woke up after crying myself to sleep with a heavy heart, Yesterday I took a shower and while standing there.." Tyrese began.

You can read his entire message in the caption of the post which includes some emotional pics.

Someone commented "Ask God to give you His Peace. You will never be the same afterwards. You will gain a higher understanding. Much love and respect my brother in Christ."

Another person said "I’m so sorry for your loss. May he Rest In Eternal Peace in Gods Good Glory! Just know he’s gonna always honor that. He will be Sorayas Guardian angel, and make sure she will always be safe. 💙🙌🏽🙏🏽"


One commenter told Tyrese "at least you capture that moment a picture is worth a thousand words. So sad."

Someone else posted "Treasure the memories and it will strengthen you.. praying 🙏🏾 for you Babyboy 💜🙏🏾"

A person wrote that "This is sweet. Love the last picture.. You really value your friendships & connections with people @Tyrese. John is no longer in pain -- honor his legacy, he wouldn"t want you to be sad for him long.. 💚"

Social media has erupted with celebrities paying tribute to and mourning the loss of a man who made a significant impact on so many lives.

The Hustle and Flow director passed away after suffering a massive stroke a little over a week ago.

His family made the heartbreaking decision to take him off life-support after days of consulting with doctors.

Tamar Braxton Wants Her Marital Status Changed To "Single" Now at lxbr.info


It seems that Tamar Braxton is sick and tired of playing all kinds of games with the courts. The woman wants her marital status changed to single now.

The Shade Room and The Blast know more on the subject and here"s what they revealed recently.

Tamar is reportedly pushing for a judge to change her marital status back to single, according to the latest reports.

TSR writes that "Although Tamar is still working out the kinks of her divorce with her estranged hubby Vince Herbert, she has asked the court for a "status only divorce", which would make her single by law, @blast reports."

TSR continued and said that "Tamar and Vince are reportedly still working out monetary support and child custody agreements in their divorce. But Tamar makes it very clear in court documents that she wants no parts of the "Herbert" name any longer. "

Tamar is basically seeking the dissolution of her marriage with Vincent.

A lot of fans are supporting Tamar in her decision.


Someone said "I mean she is in a whole new relationship and went through alot with Vince... I wouldn’t want his name or the title either 🤷🏾‍♀️."

Another follower posted "She is ready for that chapter to be closed, I respect it. Single her please!"

One commenter wrote "Brave enough to say goodbye and life will reward you with a new HELLO😎❤️"

A person is not here for what Tamar is doing: "I can’t understand why people get a devoiced and be so eager to jump right in another relationship! 🤷🏽‍♀️But to each it’s own."

Someone else has some great advice: "Word of advice: 🗣🗣 Do what makes YOU truly happy. Never settle for ‘good enough.’"

Even if some people are criticizing David Adefeso, Tamar"s new BF diehard fans keep saying that they have never seen her this happy.

These two have decided to take their relationship to the next level, and fans are wondering if she might be pregnant.

Tamar recently took social media where she confirmed that she had moved in with David Adefeso.

Ciara And Russell Wilson Reportedly Launched A Joint Production Company For Film, TV And Digital Content at lxbr.info


A couple that gets the bag together stays together. Ciara and Russell Wilson are that kind of couple, according to the latest reports. Here"s their latest achievement.

Ciara and Russell are making power couple moves by joining together to create Why Not You Productions.

The Shade Room cites Hollywood Reporter and notes that "The joint production company will give us film, TV and digital content focusing on inspirational and aspirational stories across a variety of genres."

"When people look at me, I hope they don’t just see a football player. I hope they see a person who is innovative and creative, someone who builds something from nothing," Russell reportedly told the Hollywood Reporter.

He continued and said "We want to be able to impact lives. That’s what we want to do at the end of the day — even from the kids" space. We just want to tell stories that connect with the world and to the emotions."


Someone said "I saw him handing out clothes to the homeless the other day in Seattle.. Def a cool dude."

Another follower wrote "Creating GENERATIONAL WEALTH, their Great Great Grand kids is already RICH.......... Congratulations to The Wilsons👏👏👏 #Powermoves."

One other person gushed over the family and said "Investing in his wife and family instead of multiple women. Not paying thousands of dollars in child support. Stepping up to the plate to honor his wife, God, and his commitment will always win! It’s not easy, but if it was everybody would be a stand up man. I Stan an unproblematic family❣️"

A fan wrote "How can people hate on them? They are unproblematic, loving, loyal, and making moves. Ciara is pure example of when people turn their backs on you, you keep going and striving for greatness."

In other news, Ciara and her husband, Russell Wilson, have both taken to social media to share a few beautiful pictures of the birthday celebration for their daughter who turned two years old.

Sienna Princess Wilson looked like a model on her special day.

Teairra Mari Is Here With The 50 Cent Shade Again - Check Out Her Hilarious New Video - Fans Call Her The Queen Of Petty at lxbr.info


Teairra Mari sued 50 Cent for revenge porn a while ago, and since the lawsuit has been dismissed, 50 Cent keeps asking for his money back. As you probably know by now, Teairra simply refuses to give it to him.

A recent report stated that Teairra had an arrest warrant out for her, and 50 Cent was definitely thrilled.

As expected, he hopped on his social media account, repeating that ‘the law is the law!’

Then, there was another insider report which claimed that was not the case, because she actually has more time to go to court.

Anyway, these two have been playing a Tom and Jerry game for a while, and they have been poking and shading each other on social media since a really long time.

Here"s what Teairra recently filmed a posted. The video has fans laughing their hearts out.


Someone commented "They don’t know that Detroit can get petty petty!!! 🤣🤣🤣"

Another follower said "Y’all gassing her up til she goes to jail ☠️ ayo forty, come take a look at this 🤦🏻‍♂️"

A commenter wrote "I am totally done with you. You won hands down. I didn"t think the petty levels get to reach these heights 😭😭😭🤣"

Someone else also gushed over Teiarra and said "I"m so proud of you seriously!!!! Black women/ women need empowerment shown the way you do. You are so classy and been so classy this whole time. The truth always comes out no matter how much time it takes. And I see you girl. You are staying strong and ain"t changed for no one. I"m so so so proud of you. You have a fan for life always and forever!!!!!!"

A person said this: "Just when he thought he was playing her, but it was actually the other way around 🤣🤣🤣🤣"

What do you think about Teairra"s latest video?

Tiny Harris Wants To Introduce Her Racy Alter Ego, Ryder, To The World And T.I. Freaks Out - See The Video at lxbr.info


Tiny Harris reportedly has an alter ego which she calls Ryder. But only T.I. knows it, as it only pops up in the bedroom.

This seems to be Tiny"s freaky side, and that"s why Tip is not here for Tiny"s decision of making her alter ego public.

Tip opened up about his insecurities on an episode of T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle.

Tip said that Tiny created Ryder for him, and not the world.


"Everyone knows I like to switch it up. But this time, I’m trying to turn up the heat a little bit," Tiny said as reported by the online magazine Hollywood Life.

"Tip’s only thinking these things because he can’t let go of the bedroom Ryder. He’s worried for nothing; she’s not going to be naked onstage."

Tip does not agree, and he still wants to convince Tiny that it"s not a good idea to take Ryder on stage.

"If I understand Ryder, I’ve never seen Ryder do nothing but… okay," he tells the camera.

"I just don’t think that it’s necessary. I think Ryder’s for me. Not for you," he said, pointing at the camera who"s obviously the audience.

The online magazine also makes sure to remind readers that a while ago during an exclusive interview with Tiny here"s what she had to say:

"I started to bring [Ryder] out a little more, as far as in my music, because my music talks about my relationship, my life, and the things I go through, and things that other people go through."

In other news, Tiny and T.I. have both been incredibly supportive of their son King Harris who seems to be following his parents’ success in music.

Tiny shared some videos from the kid’s performance and told fans that King’s new single called Drip is out.

Kylie Jenner Might Have Hinted At The Fact That She Just Erased Jordyn Woods From Her Life - Find Out What The Beauty Mogul Did at lxbr.info


Kylie Jenner did something that has fans thinking she finally decided to kick Jordyn Woods out of her life for good. As you probably know by now, this comes after the cheating scandal in which Kylie"s BFF has been involved.

Tristan Thompson hit on Jordyn, and since then all hell broke loose. The cheater has been banished and Jordyn seemingly lost her BFF, and now it looks like it might be for good.

Kylie just erased Jordyn from her Twitter banner pic yesterday, and this has fans believing that she definitely erased her from her real life too.

Kylie replaced the photo which was showing her and Jordyn posing together for Ky"s cosmetic line. Now, there"s a new close-up that promotes the Kylie Cosmetic Kybrow collection.

Jordyn, on the other hand, has been living her best life for a while.

She was in Nigeria for a vacation, and she made sure to keep her fans and followers updated with various pics and videos from the cool locations she"s visited there.

After the cheating Tristan-Jordyn scandal, the friendship between Kylie Jenner and Jordyn seemed to come to an end, and there’s no official news that things are different today.

When Jordyn was asked by the paparazzi not too long ago how she feels about Kylie, she responded that she will always have love for her. But fans doubt that Kylie still has love for Jordyn as well, especially after her latest move.

Pink Gets Candid About Suffering A Miscarriage At Just 17 Years Old! at lxbr.info


The singer got candid about suffering ‘several miscarriages,’ including one in her teen years! During an interview for USA Today, Pink opened up about her new album Hurts 2B Human’s more heartbreaking lyrics and explained what they meant.

That being said, about a couple of lines from her song Happy, that go ‘Since I was 17, I"ve always hated my body / and it feels like my body"s hated me,’ Pink told all.

‘The reason I said [that] is because I"ve always had this very tomboy, very strong gymnast body, but actually at 17 I had a miscarriage. And I was going to have that child. But when that happens to a woman or a young girl, you feel like your body hates you and like your body is broken, and it"s not doing what it"s supposed to do,’ the star explained.

And that feeling must’ve gotten worse at times since she’s had ‘several miscarriages since.’

There is no doubt that this is a very delicate topic to discuss but Pink explained that she believes it’s important to talk about the ‘painful things’ and what ‘you’re ashamed of!’

As for dealing with that sort of heartbreak, Pink obviously uses her music as an outlet but that is not all!

Humor in general, as well as therapy are also big parts of her life that help her cope.

She said, about going to a therapist, that ‘Although that"s uncomfortable and painful, it gives you something to work with. I think the reason I can go to such uncomfortable places and be so honest is that I have a really healthy sense of humor.’

Pink and her husband Carey Hart have been together on and off since 2001 and have two kids together – Jameson, 2 and 7 year old Willow.

Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick Talk Coparenting In Video For Her Lifestyle Blog Poosh at lxbr.info


Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick got candid about co-parenting, as well as how far they have come in their relationship during a video chat for her lifestyle blog Poosh.

They have managed to go from barely speaking and not able to be in a room with each other, to going on lavish vacations together. It has been almost four years since Kardashian and Disick split for the final time. Since their romantic relationship ended, the road to co-parenting has been rocky, but now the two are poster children for it.


Today the two get candid about how they got to the point of being able to travel together, as well as put their kids first. The one-time couple still cares about each and have managed to build a new platonic relationship for the benefit of their family. Even momager Kris Jenner remarked to her oldest daughter how proud she was of the parents of three for making a blended family work.

One of the biggest hurdles to co-parenting success was learning how to cope when the other one began dating someone new. Although Kardashian is now single, she was in a serious relationship with Younes Bendjima for over a year. Disick has of course been dating Sofia Richie for almost two years.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian stars shared how they got through a difficult time, and it was all thanks to therapy.

"That caused fights between you and I, about introducing the kids. I felt like we had to literally go to therapy to talk…to even get through, to be able to like communicate together," the 40-year-old said in reference to an episode of their E! reality show where she found out Disick had introduced the kids to Richie.


Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian"s co-parenting chat was released the day after fans learned a heeler call them soulmates in Bali. It was the first time Disick spoke about respecting Kardashian, as well as his relationship with Richie. He does not talk about his girlfriend on the reality show too often, but it is clear he has real feelings for the 20-year-old.

As for what people think about their unique parenting skills, Disick does not care it is all about doing what is best for Mason, Penelope, and Reign.

"I"d rather people look at us like we"re crazy and we get to spend time together and raise our family together, than doing it the other direction," he stated to Kardashian.

50 Cent Drags Kanye West’s Clothing Line at lxbr.info


One feud over, another starts! It looks like 50 Cent has a new target to attack on social media and it’s none other than fellow rapper Kanye West! After settling his feud with Lala Kent’s fiancé, Randall Emmett, 50 decided to diss Kanye’s Yeezy clothing brand, calling it ‘cr*p!’

He  posted what seemed like a paparazzi pic of Ye  rocking his own fashion, and in the cation her wrote: ‘👀welp now I know I’m not a style icon, 😆I’m definitely not wearing that sh*t. LOL GET THE F**K OUTTA HERE MAN. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac #FOFTY.’ Yikes!


As for how fans reacted to the mean post, it feels like they are divided down the middle between thinking it was hilarious and just cyberbullying!

Here are a few of the comments from people who completely agreed: ‘He look like he was jailed in Beijing! 😂.’ / ‘🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣that boy look like he just escaped from the hospital.. 🤦🏽‍♂️.’ / ‘Looking like a bum.’ / ‘He looks like he just got released from a 12 year prison sentence.’

As mentioned, there were other who did not agree it was right to attack Kanye like that and defended him against 50 Cent: ‘Back off ye fofty.’ / ‘Oh no Kayne is gonna accuse you of making fun of the mentally ill🤦🏾‍♀️❤️.’

At this point in time, Kanye is yet to clap back or respond in any way but some online users are already excited just thinking about their potential feud, commenting things like: ‘Kanye vs Fofty beef 2019 confirmed 👏."

What do you think about 50 Cent"s attack on Kanye"s clothing line? Do you think he should fire back or not?

Andy Cohen Breaks Up Explosive Jax Taylor And James Kennedy Fight In ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reunion Trailer at lxbr.info


The Vanderpump Rules trailer is full of drama, including an explosive fight between Jax Taylor and James Kennedy, which had to be broken up by Andy Cohen.

Taylor recently said this year"s reunion show was both the best and worst reunion shows the cast has ever had and based on the trailer he was not kidding. He is smack dab in the middle of all the drama and action, so it makes sense he knows what he is talking about when it comes to the show.

The drama appears to come to a head when James Kennedy brought up Taylor"s father in a way that did not make him happy at all.


"You want to talk about my dad?" shouts Taylor as he jumps up from his seat, as though he is coming for Kennedy. The latter also gets out of his chair attempting to go at Taylor all at the same time.

Cohen wastes no time getting in between the two men, who continue to scream at each other despite the host pushing them apart.

"You and your stupid f—king girlfriend are useless!" Taylor shouted at Kennedy.

There is so much drama and fighting on the reunion show. It is a three-hour, three-night event. Other blow ups or at least dramatic conversations occur between Raquel Leviss and Lala Kent when Kent snaps that just because they have the same lady parts, it does not mean she will support Leviss. She says it in a much more vulgar manner, but it is the same point.


The trailer only shows a tiny bit of what fans can expect from the epic event. At one point, Vanderpump has had it with all the arguing among the group and kind of loses it on her own.

"This is going too far," exclaimed Vanderpmp at one point during the explosive trailer.

Fans are never disappointed when it comes to Vanderpump Rules. The upcoming reunion is going to be no expectation, primarily since based on a press release from Bravo the trailer is only the tip of the iceberg for drama!

Make sure to tune in to see Andy Cohen bust up a fight between Jax Taylor and James Kennedy on the Vanderpump Rules reunion. It all begins Monday, May 6th at 9 PM, will you be tuning in to see all the action unfold?

KUWK: Here"s Why Rob Kardashian And Daughter Dream Were Not In The Kar-Jenner Easter Family Picture at lxbr.info


As fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians know, the only brother in the clan, Rob Kardashian, as well as his daughter Dream, 2, were not part of the family picture they took on Easter. If you were wondering why, there are actually two different reasons!

This year for Easter the huge reality TV family managed to be in the same place at the same time despite their busy schedules and took a sweet picture that featured nearly everyone!

It turns out that Rob refused to be in the photo since it was taken at Coachella and he does not enjoy going out very much.

As for his child, little Dream just happened to spend that day with her mother, Blac Chyna so she was not in attendance either!

One source close to HollywoodLife says that ‘Rob Kardashian still feels strongly about not wanting to be in the spotlight, that much has not changed, which is why after all these years, you still won’t see him on the show or on social in family photos. He’s still uncomfortable in his own skin and though he loves to be with his family, he likes to do it privately. Rob is at home most of the time.’

He sometimes avoids going out but he’s not always alone since he gets to see his daughter quite often.

‘Dream is seen around the neighborhood on walks with Rob’s mom Kris [Jenner] or nannies, however, that doesn’t mean Rob isn’t hands on. He’s a wonderful dad, he just doesn’t go out much at all. He has struggled a lot to get to a more confident and secure place with his looks and it’s hard for him. They do their best to always include him and worry about him constantly."

Ice Cube, Halle Berry, Janet Jackson And More Celebrities Mourn John Singleton Following His Shocking Death at lxbr.info


Hollywood is reeling from the news of John Singleton"s death at age 51. Social media has erupted with celebrities paying tribute to and mourning the loss of a man who made a significant impact on so many lives.

The Hustle and Flow director passed away today, after suffering a massive stroke a little over a week ago. His family made the heartbreaking decision to take him off life-support after days of consulting with doctors.

"You gave me my first movie role, my first Oscar nomination and so much more. Thank you for all you have given to the world through your work and all you have done for Black culture, women and young filmmakers. I will miss you, John. Keeping your family in my prayers," shared Janet Jackson, who starred in Singleton"s film Poetic Justice.


He was a trailblazer when it came to writing and directing, breaking into Hollywood at the young age of 24. Several actors and actresses, who are now A-list stars, credit Singleton with seeing something special in them, as well as taking a chance on them when others in Hollywood would not even take a meeting.

"#JohnSingleton was an innovator - he came with drive & a creative vision when people of color didn"t have the same visibility we do now. He will remain a beacon of light in our community, and today we celebrate his legacy. Rest well my friend, we"ve lost one of the good guys," reflected Halle Berry, who considered Singleton a close friend and always praised his impact on African American culture in Hollywood.

Social media has exploded with an outpouring of love, condolences, and sorrow over the death of John Singleton. Famous faces and fans alike are sharing how the legend had affected their lives, whether they knew him personally or simply loved his films.

The entertainment world has lost a vital part of the industry today, and social media has become a tribute to the Singleton. Ice Cube got his start in Boyz N the Hood, thanks to the iconic director. He used Instagram to mourn the man he called a "master filmmaker."


"I was discovered by a master filmmaker by the name of John Singleton. He not only made me a movie star but made me a filmmaker. There are no words to express how sad I am to lose my brother, friend & mentor. He loved to bring the black experience to the world," he captioned a photo of him and Singleton at Cannes in the "90s.

Sterling K Brown, Morris Chestnut, Taraji P. Henson, Tyrese Gibson, and Mark Wahlberg have also joined in on the social media tributes. They are only a small portion of celebrities honoring John Singleton.