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Former Southern Charm Star Thomas Ravenel Has Reportedly Been Offered A Plea Deal In His Sexual Assault Case at


Thomas Ravenel"s sexual assault case may be ending sooner than anyone expected. The disgraced Southern Charm star was reportedly offered a plea deal from persecutors that would prevent his case from reaching trial this spring.

Details of the deal have yet to be revealed. Inside sources close to the case claim that prosecutors threatened to hit Ravenel with felony assault charges if he rejects the offer. The plea is related to Ravenel"s arrest last fall for allegedly sexually assaulting his children"s former nanny, Dawn Ledwell.

According to Fits News, prosecutors would not be ready to charge Ravenel with a felony unless they had convincing evidence to back up their case. It is unclear if the former reality star will accept the deal. If he does not, the case will presumably head to trial later this spring, where Ravenel could face severe consequences if he is found guilty.

Prior to Ledwell"s case, Ravenel was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in the summer of 2016. The victim"s daughter, Ashley Perkins, convinced her to file the charges. The case was eventually settled out of court, and Perkins has since become an odd form of support of the former Southern Charm star.

Ravenel has not commented on the latest developments surrounding his case. Shortly after the sexual assault rumors broke, Ravenel issued a blanket statement denying the allegations altogether.

"I"ve never assaulted a woman in my life," Ravenel shared.

Ledwell, meanwhile, is also taking Ravenel to court with a civil suit. Ledwell is seeking compensation from Ravenel and producers of the show because she argues they empowered his actions.

While Ravenel fights it out in court, he is also involved in a nasty custody battle with his ex-girlfriend, Kathryn Dennis. The Southern Charm star, who shares two children with Thomas Ravenel, is looking to win full custody of their kids and is using his sexual assault case to that end.

Joe Giudice"s Release Will Include More Time Behind Bars As RHONJ Star Teresa Giudice Is Spotted With A Much-Younger Man at


When Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice is released from the custody of the Bureau of Prisons on March 14th, he won’t be going home. Instead, because of a deportation order issued by an immigration judge last fall, the BOP will turn Giudice over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and placed in a detention center.

Giudice will complete his 41-month prison sentence for mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud next month, and he is appealing his deportation order because he has lived in the United States since he was a baby. However, he never obtained American citizenship.

“I’ve been here my whole life, I wouldn’t know what to do in any other country,” Giudice told Judge Ellington via teleconference in October. “I want to stay here.”

“I get no joy in telling a family this news,” the Judge responded. “Mr. Giudice, no matter how this turns out, I wish you the best. I decided this case as a matter of law.”

According to Radar Online, ICE expects Federal Correctional Institution, Allenwood Low - where Giudice is currently incarcerated - to honor the detainer placed on Giudice and turn him over unless he wins his appeal.

Insiders say that the deportation order “absolutely devastated” Joe, his wife Teresa, and the couple’s four daughters. The family is trying to be as strong as possible, but they do not plan to move the kids to Italy if Joe is forced to leave the country.

The family is still waiting for a decision on the appeal, and if he loses he will never be allowed to return to the United States.

Teresa opened up about Joe’s upcoming deportation during the RHONJ Season 9 reunion, and in a preview for part two, Teresa says that Joe feels guilty about putting his family in this situation. However, he is staying positive and is very strong, and their lawyers are “trying their best” to keep Joe in the US.

When host Andy Cohen asked Teresa if Joe would go from prison straight to an airplane, she said she didn’t know the technicalities, and she hopes she never has to find out.

Joe and Teresa wed in 1999, and they have four daughters - Gia, 18, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 13, and Audriana, 10.

The couple has seemingly stayed strong and stood by each other during their legal battles. However, cameras have recently spotted Teresa spending time with Blake Schreck, a man who is twenty years younger, and rumors have flown that Teresa and Joe’s marriage will end if he does get deported.

Multiple sources say that Teresa Giudice told Cohen during the reunion that if Joe Giudice gets deported to Italy, she’s not going, and the marriage will be over.


Lil Xan"s Fiancée Annie Smith Says The Internet Has "Ruined" Her Pregnancy - Here"s Why! at


The young couple was super excited to become parents and also enjoy the pregnancy period, but now, Lil Xan’s girlfriend believes the internet has ruined that celebratory time for her. As fans know, the rapper and his fiancée, Annie Smith are expecting their first baby together.

Earlier this month, Xan announced on his platform of choice: ‘I love you guys so much and hope you stay along for this crazy journey and I"ve never felt happier in my life.’

However, a few days ago, rumors that Annie photoshopped her ultrasound pictures started going around, and that really hurt her, as she made clear in a post.

‘The fact that it"s basically being ruined or tarnished by the Internet is heartbreaking to me, and it has really, really hard for me to deal with. I am already very hormonal and sensitive, and it has just a really hard thing to talk about, but I just feel like you deserve to hear from me what"s going on because it has clearly been twisted around,’ the mother to be, wrote.

She also claimed she was not planning on sharing the big news until after the twelve weeks mark since there are miscarriage risks until then.

But her baby daddy was apparently super excited to tell his followers and seeing him so happy about it, Annie did not want to stop him.

Of course, when it comes to the theory that the ultrasound pics they shared are fake, Annie denied it vehemently.

Still, because of the negativity surrounding the pregnancy, the pair will be much more selective with what they share on social media from now on.

Abby Lee Miller Dances In New Video After Chemo - Check It Out! at


It looks like Abby Lee Miller is doing much better amid her fight with cancer. The Dance Moms star took to social media to post a video of her gracefully dancing after such a long time during which she actually needed to learn how to walk again.

That being said, seeing her move like that proves she has made a lot of progress and is much healthier these days!

The clip of her practicing some pirouettes was very heartwarming and was sure to make the celeb’s worried fans very happy.

The vid shows Abby getting up from her chair to show off some ballet arm moves, and while she does not have full control over her body yet, she looks much stronger and also excited to get back to dancing.

In the caption, Abby wrote: ‘Back to dancing, one step at a time. Port de bras 💃🏽.’

Abby Lee Miller was still serving her sentence when she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

She underwent ten chemotherapy treatments since then and was also going to a rehabilitation center to work on getting stronger.

In September, however, she left the place.

The reality TV star has been through a lot but she did not give up no matter what.

Back in December, Abby also confirmed that she will be back on Dance Moms when the eight season starts.

The show returns in June on Lifetime and in a trailer for the upcoming season, Abby opened up about her struggle with cancer.

While clips of her in the hospital and more are being shown, Abby says: ‘In an instant, your life changes completely. I was ready to go back to work and start my life over and now I can’t even walk.’

Safaree"s Alleged Robbers Are Reportedly Indicted On Seven Charges - Haters Call Safaree A "Snitch" at


You probably recall that Safaree Samuels who is now a happily engaged man has been robbed. Now, more details surface.

Back in April 2018, Safaree got robbed by a group of men in a parking lot.

The Shade Room reports that "The three men who were allegedly involved were identified as Tacuma Ashman, Shawn Harewood, and Carl Harry, and they have all been indicted on seven charges."

It seems that according to TMZ, "the charges include armed robbery in the first degree, and unlawful possession in the second degree. They were also charged with 1 count of resisting arrest because they reportedly fled after crashing their car. They were later captured by police in upper Manhattan. If these men are convicted, they will face up to 20 years in prison."

Last year, the robbery took place around 3 a.m. when Safaree was just getting back from a club.

Erica Mena"s fiance claimed it was just him and his chef that were together.

A few haters in TSR"s comments section started calling the man a "snitch," which is pretty absurd.

Others commented and slammed such accusations.

For instance, someone said "How are you a snitch for reporting your own robbery ???? Make it make sense."

Another follower bashed haters and said "Some of y’all so stupid. 🤦🏾‍♀️ He filed it on his insurance and whenever insurance companies are involved, charges must be pressed & a police report must b filed 🤦🏾‍♀️"

Apart from this, Safree could not be happier these days. He and Erica are one of the most controversial couples at the moment.

They have tons of fans but also haters who keep saying that their relationship will definitely not last.

These two keep posting pics with each other on their social media accounts. For Valentine’s Day, they basically flooded their accounts with pics from a racy photo session and fans were in awe.

Jeremy Meeks Addresses Those Chloe Green Breakup Rumors! at


The two allegedly had a fight in Dubai that ended in tears! Following that spat, Jeremy Meeks was spotted without fiancée Chloe Green in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Soon after, rumors started going around that the two were over, but the model, also known as the ‘Hot Felon’ insists they are still together.

It all started with an argument at a Dubai club on February 19, after which Jeremy returned to L.A.

Meanwhile, his Top Shop heiress baby mama is still in Europe and posting snaps on social media without her engagement ring on.

Regardless, Jeremy denied the split speculations.

Yesterday, February 27, the ‘Hot Felon’ was in Beverly Hills, jewelry shopping with his half-sister when paparazzi asked about his relationship status.

‘Of course we’re still together,’ he replied.

Meanwhile, a source shared with HollywoodLife that ‘Jeremy is still in LA and staying at a five star hotel in Beverly Hills without any sign of Chloe. He was out all Oscar weekend without her and she’s been out without her ring on, it’s not looking good for them.’

On February 24, he reportedly attempted to get into Jay Z and Beyonce’s Oscars after-party but was turned away.

An eyewitness claimed that ‘Jeremy and Chloe may not be done for good, but he sure looks like he is single. He was having fun around town, chatting with other women and looked happy to be out alone.’

Since he was looking at some bling while at XIV Karats with his sister and Chloe’s birthday is right around the corner (March 2,) maybe he was buying her a present!

Still, they are far away from each other with only a couple of days until the celebration.

Do you think they are over or nor?

Kandi Burruss" Fans Are Here For Her Latest Look - Check Out Her New Clip And See Martha Stewart Chilling In The Background at


Kandi Burruss shared a short video on her social media account and she looks gorgeous in red. Fans also notice that Martha Stewart is just casually chilling behind Kandi. Watch the short clip below.

"I hate when I’m posing all hard thinking I’m taking a pic but it’s really a video... Thank you @alexander_armand @eva_thediva_kim & @therealnoigjeremy for getting me together Monday. ❤️" Kandi captioned the video.

Someone gushed over Kandi and said "Kandi u really look great these day like happy" while another commenter also made sure to praise her: "Everything you touch turns to Gold, talented, beautiful, loving, caring, GENUINE 👍🏽"

A fan said "You"re beautiful sweetheart have a gorgeous looking face," and another supporter came with a suggestion: "@kandi you should do a show like TI giving people a chance to work for you. I think that would be dope."

Someone else gushed over Ace Wells Tucker"s mom as well and said "Hi Kandi, looking lovely, I love your hair and you"re wearing one of my favorite colors..."

Another follower posted: "You’re freaking gorgeous and lolz at Martha Stewart just chilling."

Kandi has recently been spending a lot of time with her family.

On the other hand, she has also been slammed by people who have been claiming that she’s always working and spending too little time with her family.

She has been accused more time of missing out precious moments with her loved ones.

But Kandi"s diehard fans have always appreciated her hard work and the multiple projects that she has going on.

Recently, Kandi wanted to prove them wrong and shared a gorgeous photo session with her and Todd"s daughters and their baby boy, Ace who impressed all the followers.

The photos were highly appreciated by Kandi"s fans who made sure to praise the family in the comments section.

Jussie Smollett Case: Ellen Page Responds To Latest Update After Standing Up For "Empire" Actor at


There"s still developing news in the Jussie Smollett case after the embattled actor has been released on bail. The Empire actor continues to face social media backlash after prosecutors say he devised a hate-crime hoax in order to negotiate a better deal with Fox studios. Now, Ellen Page, who was initially in Jussie"s corner and delivered a heartwrenching plea against gay hate crimes on Late Night with Stephen Colbert is weighing in once again.

There is no question that if Jussie Smollett is proven in a court of law to have staged a racially and sexually oriented hate crime-hoax that he has done a great disservice to real victims of racism and homophobia. LGBTQ crimes, as well as crimes against minorities, are real epidemics that stain our nation. In order to move forward in unity, the voice of victims must not only be heard but prompt real change.

Hearts must change for true acceptance to take place and that isn"t going to happen if people don"t believe victims of hate crimes when they speak up.

Ellen Page spoke out against LGBTQ hate in Donald Trump"s America, but what happened with Jussie Smollett isn"t in accordance with that line of thought.

Unlike what many may have expected, President Donald Trump did not encourage hatred or violence against Jussie Smollett. Nor did he initially disbelieve his claims. While many of President Trump"s supporters initially called Smollett"s story a fabrication due to statements they believed implausible, President Trump showed support and sympathy for Smollett.

Ellen Page stated the following in an op-ed she wrote for the Hollywood Reporter.

"I ask you not to question our pain, not to draw into question our trauma, but to maintain, wholeheartedly, that hate violence exists. The merits of one case should not and cannot call that into question. The media coverage does not convey the reality and totality of the cruelty and danger we face. This is the story that must be told."

Some people have remarked on social media that the crux of Ellen Page"s original message on Late Night with Stephen Colbert was geared towards Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump. If Jussie Smollett did stage a hate-crime hoax and blame it on MAGA supporters, then some feel that the real victims in the case are those who support the president.

What do you think? Do you believe Jussie Smollett? Do you feel that if this is a hoax, it damaged the plight of real victims of racist and LGBTQ violence?

Broke Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Ordered To Appear In Court Over $400K Credit Card Bill at


Tori Spelling’s financial troubles continue to get worse, and now it’s turning into a legal matter. According to a new report, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum was served with papers ordering her to appear in court after City National Bank sued her and her husband for $400,000 in unpaid debt.

Radar Online is reporting that documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court show that Spelling was served on February 15th at 11:12 a.m. and the process server charged a fee of $310 to deliver the documents “personally.”

Two days prior, Spelling’s husband, Dean McDermott, was served with copies of a deposition subpoena and an order to produce documents.

City National Bank sued Spelling and McDermott back in December 2016 after they failed to pay back a $400,000 loan that they received in 2010. The court has set a hearing for March 29th.

In the meantime, Spelling is earning a new paycheck with the Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot. The beloved 90s teen drama will be returning to Fox for a six-episode event later this year, and Spelling says that the cast is excited about getting to work with each other again.

“We’ve come full circle, and it feels really great. This is the ultimate high school reunion, and we’re going to be back together every day, and I’m so excited,” said Spelling.

Joining Spelling in the reboot will be original cast members Jennie Garth, Brian Austin Green, Jason Priestley, Gabrielle Carteris, and Ian Ziering. Luke Perry and Shannen Doherty have not signed on yet, but they do have an open invitation to join the project.

The reboot does have an interesting twist. According to the official show description, the OG actors will be “playing heightened versions” of themselves. And, when one of them suggests that it’s time to get a 90210 reboot up and running, what goes on behind the scenes is a “more delicious soap than the reboot itself.”

The Fox television network has not yet announced when the reboot will premiere. But, if you are in the mood to binge the original series while you wait, all ten seasons of Beverly Hills, 90210 are available on Hulu.

Tori Spelling has not commented on her financial woes, but was spotted house hunting with McDermott last week.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima ‘Not Surprised’ Colt Johnson Has Been Trying To Get Her Deported After Splitting at


As fans of 90 Day Fiance know, after their explosive fight, Colt Johnson filed for divorce from Larissa Dos Santos Lima! But that is not the only thing he did – the man also canceled her green card application as well!

That being said, she may be in a tough spot but it turns out that Larissa is fighting back and she has a plan to stay in America.

Colt actually canceled her green card application weeks before filing for divorce and he explained to Radar Online that he did not want to be ‘responsible for her’ after the split, which would be a 10 year commitment.

Now, during an interview with HollywoodLife, Larissa revealed that she was not too surprised.

What actually surprised her more is that her ex is yet to try and deport her.

Either way, she is ready for whatever he may throw at her!

‘It’s something I knew that he will do. But if he feels happy with his choices then it’s up to him, but I am not surprised that he is doing it. I have an immigration attorney and I will try to prove that I had the best of intentions coming here. I have lots of proof that I really came her for love and had the best of intentions.’

The reality TV star admitted that ‘I feel heartbroken too because when I came here to the US I came for love. When I lost Colt I lost my best friend, I lost a part of me.’

This was in response to Colt telling the outlet in a previous interview that he was ‘heartbroken’ over how things ended between them.

Tamar Braxton Is Back With Her "Brother" Snoop Dogg - Check Out Their Funny Photo Together at


You probably recall that Tamar Braxton had a play together with Snoop Dogg in which they were performing - "Redemption of a Dogg."

Now, she"s back with her brother, how she likes to call the rapper and they posed together. Check out their funny pic below.

"Back with my brother @snoopdogg 💫 #familyforever" Tamar captioned her pic with Snoop in which both of them look happy.

Someone was really curious and noted "When u were in the big brother house I noticed ur D and T on ur neck on ur chain. I then said I bet that D stands for her guy name and I was right. David. 💕💕So happy for u @tamarbraxton 💯"

Another follower admires Tamar for not letting all the haters get to her: "@tamarbraxton You are a perfect example of how NOT to let haters destroy your spirit. Every time they try to knock you down you come back wiser, brighter and stronger."

Someone gushed over both Tamar and Snoop and said "I like you 2 together. I watch the Redemption of a Dogg. Much love from Holland😍😍😍"

Someone else is happy to see Tamar in such a cool mood and said "I’m so happy for you @tamarbraxton you’ve been through so much you deserve to smile 24/7! Love you 💕💕💕💕💕💕"

Tamat has been really cheerful these days. In another recent video, she seems on cloud nine with her ‘beans’ aka her son, Logan Herbert.

These two are dancing and laughing like crazy, and her fans are in awe to see their favorite celebrity so happy.

Her followers cannot get enough of the due, and they make sure to tell her this in the comments section.

Drake’s Father Defends "Friends" Jussie Smollett And R. Kelly - Social Media Is Furious! at


Dennis Graham, Drake’s father, started some serious controversy when he made his support of Jussie Smollett and R. Kelly known during a brand new interview. As you can imagine, his words got social media very upset.

While chatting with Variety, Drake’s dad called R. Kelly a friend and also claimed Empire actor Jussie Smollett has been ‘misunderstood.’

As you may know, on February 22, Kelly was charged with ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse and pleaded ‘not guilty.’

Meanwhile, Jussie Smollett has been accused of staging a hate crime against him because he was not happy with his salary on Empire.

It may have been just a PR move for him but Smollett ended up being charged with one felony count of disorderly conduct for filing a false police report.

When asked about R. Kelly, Drake’s father responded: ‘He’s a good friend of mine. I wish him the best. I hate that it’s happening to him. There’s a reason why women come out after the fact. He has my support 100%.’

While that statement is more than enough to get him in hot water, Dennis made it even worse when he added: ‘Jussie has been misunderstood. As a matter of fact, they know that. That story that came out about Jussie in Chicago is not true about Jussie. Jussie is a friend of mine, also. They have totally reconstructed his story.’ Yikes!

It did not take long for people to start dragging him on social media!

Some ‘cancelled’ him while others made it clear that ‘Drake’s dad needs new friends.’

Others were worried that the man’s shocking statements might affect Drake.

‘Drake"s dad is a f***ing idiot apparently. Lol,’ a user said, not holding back at all.

Rasheeda And Kirk Frost Are Having Fun With Lil Scrappy And Bambi Benson While Smoking An Invisible Blunt - Watch The Videos at


It was already reported that Rasheeda Frost and Kirk Frost are having the time of their lives in Trinidad at the Carnival. They recently walked on stage there and were greeted by fans with tons of love.

In a couple of videos which Rasheeda shared on her social media account, she"s together with Kirk, Lil Scrappy, Bambi Benson and more friends and they"re having fun while doing "The Invisible Blunt Challenge."

Check out Rasheeda"s videos below.

"We call this “The invisible Blunt Challenge” 😂😂😂 who y’all think got it? Part 1 #airweed," Rasheeda captioned one of the videos.

A fan said "At first I really thought yall were smoking then I read your caption 😂😂" and another commenter posted "Lol y’all really dragged this blunt, it’s forever burning lol, in @rasheeda that look is everything. 💚"

Someone else gushed over Rasheeda and said "@adizthebam lol😂ya all did good Rasheeda looks like she gets down she coughed, and everything 😂 😂 😂 all of you look like pros lol."

KIrk"s wife posted another video, and she captioned it with: "Part 2 🤣🤣😂 Invisible Blunt Challenge! #airweed"

A commenter said "Young joc drop it cause it was a roach to small to smoke brunt the hell out of his finger."

Another follower likes to see all of them having fun with no drama between them: "Y’all so funny I love y’ all. Y’all don’t have no drama. Nothing. Just black love ❤️"

Speaking of drama, Rasheeda had fans shaking their heads with one particular video where Bambi is giving Lil Scrappy a very rough talk for maybe misbehaving during the festivities.

In the video, you can see Bambi grabbing the man and whispering something to his ear while his face has ‘terror’ written all over it.

Lady Gaga Talks Romantic Bradley Cooper Oscars Performance - Reveals They Tried To ‘Fool’ Everyone Into Believing They’re Really In Love at


Social media users have been shipping Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper ever since A Star Is Born was released! A lot of people have also been speculating that the actors share a forbidden love in real life already!

However, Gaga shut down everyone’s romance dreams by stating that the two of them planned their glances filled with desire and every other display of affection that took place during their steamy Oscars duet!

While a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, the host just had to ask her about the intimate performance at the awards show.

‘It caused this big controversy because — you had such a connection with Bradley that instantly, and I guess this is a compliment, people started saying, ‘Oh, they must be dating…They must be in love,’’ Kimmel said.

Hearing this, Lady Gaga rolled her eyes and went on to explain: ‘First of all, like social media quite frankly is the toilet of the Internet. And yes people saw love and guess what, that’s what we wanted you to see. This is a love song…The movie, A Star Is Born, is a love story.’

Unsurprisingly enough, since it was a performance that had naturally been rehearsed, everything was staged beforehand and not candid.

Gaga began to explain every little detail that made people think there may be something between the co-stars and revealed they were all Cooper’s ideas.

‘Everything that you saw, the way that it was shot, the way that they push the piano out, you saw them, you know, put the piano together and walk up on stage, no intro — that was all [Bradley],’ she dished.

Check out Gaga’s full explanation here:

It makes sense that he had a vision for the duet!

After all, it was Bradley who directed the movie. Were you fooled?

Tiny Harris Shares Some "Bedroom Music" In Her Latest Video, Slaying A New Look - Watch It Here; Fans Are Happy To See Her In Good Spirits at


Tiny Harris has always been really supportive of her fellow performers. Now, she"s promoting some new music which she claims is excellent for setting the mood in the bedroom.

She sports new blonde hair and fans are in awe, making sure to praise T.I."s wife in the comments section.

"Thank me later for turning u on to some good 💩 to ride to & a it’s sets the mood in the bedroom!! @thekingdream Ménage a Trois: Sextape Vol 1,2 & 3 u can tell from the name it’s some sexy 💩! 👑😏" Tiny captioned her video.

Someone said in the comments section that "This is the second time I’m hearing about his album you’re the only one I know who’s promoted it. I’ll have to check it out."

A follower wrote "She knows all about dat cheating 🤬 he stay cheating on her she just found a way to accept it by doing 3somes to make it ok 👌"

A fan gushed over Tiny and said "Yassssss muva... so in love with that face @majorgirl."

One other supporter was glad to see Tiny feeling better and flaunting this playful mood: "Oooooohhh bae looking so beautiful😍😜 Glad you"re in good spirits Queen 👑"

As you all know, T.I. and Tiny had some very tough days lately, and they brought the saddest news of all: Tip’s sister, Precious Harris had passed away after a terrible car accident that she was involved in.

It was also recently reported that with the help of her pals, Tiny honored Precious.

These days, Tiny also celebrated her mother in law, Violeta’s birthday with a lovely Instagram photo and an emotional message.

Kim Kardashian Shares Her New Mission With The World And Fans Ask Her To Help The Girls Involved In R. Kelly"s Case at


Kim Kardashian is in the spotlight again, but this time, with something a bit more serious. She recently shared what she calls her new mission on Twitter, and her diehard fans are making sure to congratulate her.

"I made it my mission to fund cases of people who are so deserving & no words can describe witnessing someone set to die in prison get their life back. I’m honored to support @buriedaliveproj & their life-saving work!" Kim tweeted.

Someone praised her actions and said "That is so amazing and proves you have a kind spirit and you seek justice! Do you have a fan mail address I would like to send you something, and no I"m not crazy Lol I would give my information, but I don"t think it is a good idea on this platform."

Another follower asked her to help the women involved in the R.Kelly case: "Kim You have such a big platform! We believe you have the power to help those girls speak out in R Kelly case! They need a strong, empowered role model! #MuteRKelly"

Someone had an interesting proposition: "That"s so very nice of you, Kim. If I had your money, I"d do stuff like that too. But could you buy replacements of the gifts that Kris Humphreys" family gave you as your wedding presents since the marriage only lasted three days .. and give it to those who got it for u? that"d be gr8"

Another fan gushed over Kim and said: "I love that you are a voice for prison reform. The entire system is rigged/how people are sentenced. Maybe one day you can help change that💕"

Speaking of Kelly, it was just reported that the woman who posted $100,000 bail setting him free to walk the streets of Chicago, Illinois, has been identified as a 47-year-old daycare secretary and restaurant owner, Valencia Love.

Reports say the woman is a fan who met Kelly on a cruise approximately five months ago. In an interview with ABC News, Love stated she is a close friend of his.

R. Kelly Fan, Valencia Love, Bailed Embattled Singer Out Of Jail For $100,000 After Reportedly Meeting Him On A Cruise at


The woman who posted $100,000 bail setting R. Kelly free to walk the streets of Chicago, Illinois, has been identified 47-year-old daycare secretary and restaurant owner, Valencia Love. Reports say the woman is a fan who met Kelly on a cruise approximately five months ago. In an interview with ABC News, Love stated she is a close friend of Kelly"s.

Since news that Valencia Love bailed R. Kelly out of jail, the daycare has received numerous much negative publicity and has distanced itself from Love. The Lordanchild Christian Day Care in Chicago is now being attacked and accused of supporting R. Kelly. People are calling the singer a pedophile and now the daycare center, as well as Love, are under intense media and public scrutiny.

While R. Kelly has his fans who believe he is innocent, Valencia Love is being skewered on social media for intervening and providing the means for R. Kelly to walk out of jail.

Several stories are emerging regarding Valencia Love.  In one instance reports suggested she helped R. Kelly out on bail using his money, while other reports say it was money from a wrongful death lawsuit that funded the bail. Reports also say that Love is a superfan rather than a close friend.

There"s still debate over who Valencia Love actually is, but various reports have shown her Yelp page as being the owner of the Illinois diner Love on the Blu. Before posting bail for Kelly, the Yelp page had fabulous reviews and over 100 photos of the menu, meals served, and customers enjoying themselves.

Now the Yelp page is under attack with many saying to eat at the diner is to support pedophilia. Yelp has issued a pop-up announcement to let visitors know about the recent media coverage and how that may be influencing the recent onslaught of reviews on the site.

Stay tuned for more updates on this fast-breaking news story as more details are revealed regarding Valencia Love and the nature of her relationship with R. Kelly. There are several photos circulating social media claiming to be Love, but neither has yet been verified.

The details of the cruise have also been debated.

R. Kelly returns to court on March 22, 2019. He had pleaded not guilty to 10 counts of criminal sexual assault.

Porsha Williams Fiancé Dennis McKinley Hints That The "RHOA" Star Is In Labor -- This Photo Seems To Allude That Baby PJ Is Near at


Could it be that Porsha Williams is currently in labor or has already given birth to baby PJ?

Dennis McKinley, who is Porsha"s fiancé, took to social media where he posted a picture of her burgeoning baby bump.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, whose face is not visible, seems ready to go in labor. Via the caption, the businessman asked for prayers and said Porsha was ready to be a mother.

He wrote: "Thank you to everyone who sent/showed love for baby PJ! We are appreciative of the prayers, well wishes & gifts! Porsha it’s your time to be a mother 🙏🏾❤️ #PJBabyShower."

Dennis also posted a picture of his entire family arriving from Detroit to Atlanta to be present for the birth of his daughter.

One fan had this to say to the mom-to-be: "Please let baby PJ be on the way here. I love her already! Yaaaay Porsha And Dennis🙌🏾❤️🙌🏾❤️Yes and she will be a great mother. It"s your time to be a father just as important."

Another commenter said: "So glad she found someone who loves & supports her! Wish y’all a lifetime of love & happiness. 🙏🏽♥️"

In a recent interview, Porsha said this about her miracle baby: “The pregnancy came from the left, but it definitely has brought us closer together because you realize when it sets in that you are actually bringing a life to this world, that you have become family overnight. So now a lot of the things that we had talked about are a reality, and we work really hard at wanting to be a good couple and build a strong foundation for our new family that we’re going to have. ”

She also explained the name she picked: “One of the names that we got rid of that he liked was Napoleon. [I was like], ‘I don’t know about that one for a boy! One of the names that he has absolutely settled on — I’m not settled on it yet — is PJ. PJ stands for Porsha Jr. He wants to name our daughter Porsha Jr.”

Porsha is living her best life as a mom-to-be.

Toya Wright Shares Workout Videos With Robert Rushing -- They Are Headed To Boo Camp And Here Is Why at


A couple, who works out together, stays together. Toya Wright and her boyfriend, Robert Rushing have decided they will have even more perfect bodies for summer by joining the Boo Camp.

Reginae Carter and Reign"s mother has taken to social media where she posted a few videos where she is working out and sweating like crazy with Robert.

The duo seems to be having fun as they get in the best shape of their lives. Toya and her beau are not only exercising; they are also inviting other couples to join them in their excruciating work out sessions.

Toya explained: "Day 2 with @iamthekingoffitness. Getting ready for our 1st Boo Camp class. We will be doing a fun couples workout session with @iamthekingoffitness... who wants to join us?? #wnm19 #stayfittogether."

Many fans are motivated by Robert and his lady love"s session and are eager to take part in them.

One person reached out to the reality star and said: "A couple that workout together stays together get it y"all#blacklove. She is grown...Not trying to hide her dude 90"s sh@t. That"s what"s up💪😍 I want a boo I can work out with😢🔥Teamwork makes the dream work. Toya I have those same vapormax. You go girl. 🔥🔥😁"

Another commenter wrote this sweet note to the power couple: "Babe & I workout but then we start fighting lol it’s all love. Mainly cuz I tell him to quit tryna make me do stuff. Go Toya you can do hard work pays off. You motivated me to get back to the gym today so thank you."

A female follower, who confused Toya for another celebrity, added: "Why ole girl sitting there watching instead of working out. I thought she was Shekinah at first. 👀I wish we lived in Atlanta me and the hubby would join yall."

This fan told Toya she has been inspired to grab her husband and run to the nearest gym to find the exercise routine that works for them.

She explained: "That’s cute. I wish me and my hubby was there. We just started working out together 3wks ago, and I love it😍The cameraman funny af 😫🤣🤣🤣😂😂 but yessss yo the boo camp!!🙌🏾💪🏾❤️❤️❤️"

Toya is a happy woman.

Gabrielle Union Shows Off Curves And Gets Outshined By Baby Kaavia -- Dwayne Wade Will Probably Not Complain About The Cuteness Of The Picture at


Dwyane Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union wanted to enjoy some fun time poolside, but cutie pie baby Kaavia had other plans and as always -- she stole the spotlight or should we say the sunlight.

Gabrielle is in the shape of her life, and she showed off her killer curves in a gorgeous one-piece swimsuit made from kente cloth from Ghana.

While Kaavia"s parents look fashionable and in shape, all eyes were on the baby who had the best facial expression ever.

Mama Gabrielle shared a sweet picture of Kaavia being shady and giving that look because she could not go in the pool.

Her caption read: "She said we weren"t gonna swim at the swim party. She said nobody actually ever swims at swim parties 😒 SABOTAGED! #shadybaby 👶🏾."

One fan replied: "Her faces be so serious! She"s been through a few things!! 😂She looks like she will bust a nicca in the nose, ya’ll betta stop playing with this baby!! She ain’t got time fo dat! Lollollol!!💕💕💕💕"

Another person reacted to the pictures by saying: "Y’all have a lil baby star In the making too cute. I just love watching her lil chunky jaws @gabunion. Her face is so adorable, what intense look. Watch out boys don’t mess with her.😂When this baby starts talking. World watch out any and everybody gonna get it. Love her #mood."

This fan stated: "Her expressions are a whole range of, "I am so sick of all of you right now. Hand me that bottle so that I can mind my business!" all the time. 😆 A petty level at a 1000 and she haven"t made a year yet. Love it! 🤣Finished against the G.S Warriors like a Real MVP! Life seems so kind when looking at you two and your children! Enjoy all life brings you both. Cheers 🥂"

A fourth sweet message read: "Omg, this baby always hates pics 😂😂😂 she always looks like this!!!! They keep trying to change her mind she feels the same always 🔥👏👏This baby is going to be an actress lol you can tell already!!! Those furrowed brows! It’s hard to look annoyed when you’re so damn cute.❤️❤️"

Dwyane had an epic game against the Golden State Warriors last night.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Legendary Fashion Designer Karl Lagerfeld Dies In Paris At 85 Years Old at


We bring some sad news to our readers. More outlets and news websites have reported and confirmed that the legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld died in Paris. He was 85 years old.

BBC reported the news as well. The great German designer, who was the creative director for Chanel and Fendi, was one of the industry"s most prolific names and the man and worked up until his death.

BBC notes that "His signature ponytail and dark glasses made him an instantly recognizable figure around the world. Industry heavyweights, including Italian designer Donatella Versace, have issued heartfelt tributes."

"Today the world lost a giant among men," the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour, said in a statement.

It seems that Lagerfeld has been in a pretty bad shape in terms of his health for a few weeks now. This was the reason for which he"s been missing important fashion shows.

He died this morning, on Tuesday 19th, according to the reports coming from the French media, after he was admitted in the hospital last night.

We don"t have any more details at the moment, but we will keep you posted. Meanwhile, please send your kind thoughts and prayers to his friends and family.

The Shade Room also reported the news and followers were sad to hear such a thing.

TSR wrote "we are sending our prayers to the family and friends of legendary fashion designer #KarlLagerfeld, who is most known for being the creative director of #Chanel and #Fendi. According to reports, he passed away in Paris at the age of 85. #RIP 🙏🏾"

Someone said "Omg I’m so sad!!! He was supposed to be dropping a new collection! I’m sick! 😩😩 this ain’t right!! #Chanel"

Another follower praised Lagerfeld"s memory and said: "RIP To THE most influential man in Fashion in the last Century!"

Donatella Versace paid tribute to Lagerfeld on social media, confirming the terrible news.

"Karl your genius touched the lives of so many, especially Gianni and I. We will never forget your incredible talent and endless inspiration. We were always learning from you," she posted.

It"s true that Lagerfeld was indeed and will remain forever one of the most influential figures in fashion. Rest in Peace!

Our thoughts are prayers go this his family and friends.

Kandi Burruss" Fans Ask Her If She Plans On Clapping Back At Kim Zolciak After She Slammed Her Marriage To Todd Tucker at


Kandi Burruss invited her fans and followers to see her latest interview, and she also shared a couple of pics on social media. Fans cannot stop praising her looks, and they ask her whether she"s on a diet because she seems to have lost weight.

Some followers were curious to find out whether Kandi plans to clap back after Kim Zolciak dissed her and Todd Tucker"s relationship.

If you recall, Kim appeared on WWHL, and she shaded Kandi a lot, especially her marriage with Todd Tucker. Here are more details.

‘Do you think you and Kroy [Biermann] could learn anything from Kandi and Todd’s relationship,’ Andy Cohen asked Kim and here’s what she responded, ‘No, I don’t share my husband, sweetie.’

Now, in Kandi"s comments section, some fans address what happened with Kim.

"Catch me Tonight at 11pm|10c on @BusyTonightTV on @eentertainment! This was a really great interview! Tune in now!" Kandi captioned her post.

Someone noticed that "On here you look like you lost weight. Are you on a Diet? Keep up the work you looks good.👏"

Another follower asked Kandi "@kandi do you have a clapback for Kim about what she said about Todd on WWHL?"

A fan told the RHOA star "Kandi I am still waiting on you to curse out Natalie and Lolo and now Kim! Don’t let those snakes get away w talking shit about u behind ur back 🤬🤬 they can’t vote you out now lolol"

One other fan gushed over Kandi and said "Just watched. You looked great! Loved the interview & what you shared about your conversation with Andy. That was really touching 💗."

What do you think? Should Kandi respond to Kim?

Reginae Carter"s Fans Praise Her Beauty After She Gets Body Shamed By Haters at


Reginae Carter is no stranger to haters slamming her looks and body shaming her. Just recently, someone commented on one of her pics and the person sad that Nae is "not ugly," but she should wear some makeup.

The comment triggered mixed reactions from fans. Some of them wanted to defend Nae and said that she doesn"t need makeup because she is gorgeous without it, and other people said that the person did not mean any harm.

Even Nae"s mom, Toya Wright defended her. After that, Toya shared another post on her own social media in which she was slamming haters of both her daughters really hard.

Anyway, Reginae shared a new photo, and her diehard fans keep praising her beauty in the comments section.

Someone even told Nae to disable comments in she gets so much hate on Instagram, but Reginae is a pretty tough young lady, and she chose not to shut down comments.

The commenter said "You are beautiful. Turn off your comments so these haters that follow you won’t have a place to be “great” 🙄"

Someone else also gushed over Nae and said "So gorge w/o the makeup the makeup just enhances ur beauty," while another person wrote "Yesss u still beautiful without all that makeup i don"t wear it all the time either."

A follower posted that "she"s beautiful; she just looks like the average person with all the makeup just like all the other famous people."

We believe that Reginae is a beautiful young lady and body shaming should be out of the question for her and anyone, in general.

Toya Wright Wishes One Of Her BFFs A Happy Birthday And Fans Love Her Loyalty at


Toya Wright wished one of her best friends a Happy Birthday, and she wanted to mark the event by sharing a gorgeous post with her. The post includes a throwback photo since Toya was pregnant with baby Reign Rushing. Check it out below.

"Happy Birthday to one of my day 1’s... we been rocking since middle school. Thanks for being such a great friend. This one have no problem getting me together.😂 I love your crazy ass. Enjoy your day Tiff!😘🎉🎉" Toya captioned her post.

@toyawright I love when real friends are never too big for the friends they have known from day 1. No new friends, may not always apply, but real friends stay down, is always the motto.

Someone said "I need some riders like that. Like if you agree ❤️" while another commenter posted "That"s an Aquarius for you: we aren"t afraid to get you together, but it"s out of love 😂. Happy birthday!"

One of Toya"s followers had a more profound message that they wanted to share with everyone: "Life is greater than a few setbacks and difficult times. What makes you strong is not letting them stop you from living your life to the fullest. Stay strong. In my experience, you do not make any progress without some struggles, and remember greatness come when you face some struggles in life, stay strong and always get up."

The same fan said "I want to send a message of hope where there is so much despair in this world. My message is I faced many tragedies in my life was at my rock bottom. I cried behind closed door crying out for help. I seeked counselling. Spoke openly about my mental health. People were kind to me & never judged me when I was at my weakest. I still cry for the people I lost in my life. The void will slowly be filled with peace."

Toya made headline recently after defending her baby girls.

She had to endure people slamming her kids more than once. Haters had harsh words for both her daughters, Reign Rushing, and Reginae Carter.

But it seems that the fierce mom has had enough. Read her message for all the haters. Fans completely support her.

Tiny Harris Gushes Over Monica Brown After She Shows Love To T.I."s Sister Precious Harris Who Was In A Horrible Car Accident - Watch The Video at


Tiny Harris and her beloved husband, T.I. have not been having their best days since his sister Precious is in the hospital. They both addressed the subject on social media and fans are terrified.

Tiny took to social media to share the heartbreaking news with her fans and followers and told them that Tip’s sister is currently in the hospital fighting for her life.

But, for Valentine’s Day Tip managed to surprise Tiny and made her cry tears of joy. His gift was terrific, and she shared a video to show it off for fans.

Now, Tiny made sure to praise Monica Brown after, during one of her concerts, she sent tons of love to Precious/. Here"s the video that Tiny posted on her social media account.

"My sis @monicabrown so Dope for this!! Thank you so much for showing so much love to our girl. I know u & @preciousharris1913 had y’all own bond. That’s real love Mo... 🙏🏽👑🥰 #PreciousWouldBeSoHonored" Tiny captioned her post.

People were more than supportive in the comments section. They all wished the best for Precious and the whole family.

Someone said "@troubleman31 @majorgirl @monicabrown !!!! Praying for u guys!!! Love y’all!!!" while another fan gushed over Monica: "@majorgirl praying for your family.. @monicabrown u betta sang girl!!!!! Gave me the chills!!!😘"

Another shocked follower asked "Did she pass away? When Tiny said had your own bond," but someone else said "Can we please stop using past tense?! We all love Precious, and I can’t take this. 😫"

A fan wrote this emotional message: "Precious we ❤️ You he did it for me. I’m begging him to do it for you. God today we are asking you for one of those bible miracles you do here and there let today be the day God for precious In Jesus name. 🙏🏽"

Our thoughts are prayers go to Precious and her whole family!

Tekashi 69 Must Have An Excellent Lawyer: The Word On The Street Is That If He Cooperates, All Charges Will Be Dropped - Watch His Baby Mama, Sara Molina Speaking On His Case at


It seems that more and more signs point out to the fact that rapper Tekashi 69 might walk out of jail as a free man after everything that happened. Recent reports detailed that Tekashi 69 pleaded guilty for nine counts in a federal racketeering case.

Complex has a transcript of the guilty plea, and there are some mind-blowing revelations in it.

Recently, Tekashi’s baby mama Sara Molina talked in an interview about Tekashi’s guilty plea, and she basically says that he won’t be doing time after he "snitched."

The Shade Room comes with new details and only confirms the rumors that Tekashi might become a free man without doing time.

They write that the rapper "must have a really good lawyer because word on the street is as long as he continues to cooperate, his sentence could be way less than the minimum time he’s currently facing."

TSR continues and says that 69 "is facing a minimum of 47 years in prison after pleading guilty to multiple charges including conspiracy, narcotics trafficking, and racketeering to name a few. Tekashi has allegedly been cooperating with the feds, and the District Attorney has agreed to not prosecute him for a lot of the crimes he’s being charged for as long as he keeps cooperating."

As we already said, Tekashi might even enter the witness protection program if he gets out.

Someone said "he needed to listen to all the advice he was getting, but he thought he knew better.. No look! KENDRICK SAID BE HUMBLE! The boy wouldn"t sit down.😂"

Another follower posted "Snitches end up in ditches that"s why his azz will need witness they"re gonna remove all of those tatts on his face IDK nor do I GAF."

Someone else wrote that "he had 1.7 in his bank account, and he’s got some of the best lawyers in the game right now. He won’t be living comfortably for long."

A follower wrote that "he got caught for something HE DID. Then to avoid the sentence he snitched. DON"T do the crime if you are not gonna face the consequences if you get caught."

What are your thoughts on this case?

Meek Mill Gets Trolled After Cropping Nicki Minaj Out Of A Photo And Calling Her "Anonymous" at


Meek Mill finds himself in hot water after cropping his ex, Nicki Minaj out of a group photo. He also referred to her as "anonymous."Check out more details on what happened.

After Meek cropped Nicki from a pic, his followers noticed and trolled the man. The original photo has also been tweeted.

Hollywood Life first reported that Meek shared a pic of him and actor Michael Rapaport along with references in a caption that target an "anonymous" friend.

"Me: ayo yo who this? Anonymous: I think it’s the guy from white men can jump? Him: meek you so fire you give me that feeling what hip hop is missing ima fan ‘can I get a selfie’? Hurry up go head 🤦🏾‍♂️."

On the other hand, Rapaport shared the full, un-cropped pic that he took and it was clearly seen that the pic also features Meek’s ex Nicki Minaj.

Here"s how Rapaport captioned the pic: "All Hip Hop Bloggers & Culture Critics Who Know all about Hip Hop but have Know Idea who Sparky D is, not one of you is on my level with any of this s***."

Meek got blasted online for cropping Nicki.

He was in the spotlight not too long ago after he dissed Tekashi 69.

It was recently reported that Tekashi 69’s best buddy DJ Akademiks was promoting some new music that was coming our way. It was something unreleased from Tekashi.

Meek Mill told Akademiks that he should not be promoting his music anymore after he talked to the cops.

Meek even said that he is unfollowing the young rapper.

Kenya Moore And Husband Marc Daly Cuddle Their Baby In New Picture -- Fans Say Brooklyn Had No Choice But To Be Gorgeous at


Brooklyn Daly is one cute baby, and according to Kenya Moore"s fans, she had no choice but to be gorgeous.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum is swimming in the bliss that comes with motherhood especially giving birth to a miracle baby.

Kenya recently melted hearts with a photo where she is in bed with her baby girl playing next to her father, Marc Daly.

Kenya also took to social media to praise her husband who is a successful businessman.

The proud wife wrote: "As we continue to celebrate black-owned businesses for #BlackHistoryMonth, we’re placing the spotlight on @socobk. This #SmallBusinessSaturday we’re highlighting Marc Daly, owner of the popular, Southern fusion restaurant."

Kenya also shared an uplifting message written by Marc where he stated: “As a child of immigrants, I have embraced the ‘American Dream,’ but I strive to make it an ‘Inclusive American Dream.’ One of my goals was to create economic empowerment in the community. This included creating jobs for young men and women… The hope is [that] one day they will seek to give back, creating a cycle of wealth built through entrepreneurship in the community... We serve traditional African American heritage cuisine in a modern and innovative way [that] has required me to delve into the history of the food. This process of learning has brought me closer not just to my background and roots, but also with the history and culture of all brothers and people of the NY and North American diaspora."

Fans are thrilled for the new mom because she got the fairy tale ending she hoped for.

One supporter said: "Kenya deserves this ❤️ she has a different glow now 🙌🏽. I"m so happy for Kenya. She got her man and her child. She is finally whole, and I love it!"

Another commenter shared: "I’m so happy for her love! It makes me gush!!! Blessings are so beautiful. She is so adorable. If I was her parent, she will get a lot of kisses. Kenya you are a winner by God’s special Grace and prosperity shall be your portion forever and ever Amen."

This supporter told Kenya the following: "This is ridiculously adorable! What a beautiful family. Kenya and Marc, please try not to spoil that beautiful, scrumptious little perfect babydoll too much. 😁Okay you know you need to have another one soon so Brooklyn can have a playmate. Love you always, and God bless your beautiful fam. 😍😍❤❤"

Kenya and Marc are enjoying this parenting thing.

Jussie Smollett Case: New Theory Emerges To Explain Possibly Staged Hate Crime at


Jussie Smollett remains under public scrutiny after claiming he was attacked in a MAGA-related hate crime on January 29, 2019. As soon as Smollett told his story, there were people who doubted his account. Calling the attack a racist and homophobic hate crime, civil rights leaders and politicians rallied to Smollet"s defense. Now, many of those initial supporters are running away from Smollett and trying to figure out the best way to save face.

Details continue to leak to social media and the press is running with it; however, at this point, the Chicago Police Department hasn"t officially named Smollett a suspect; though two Nigerian brothers who are said to be cooperating with authorities have.

The brothers, Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo were taken into custody after being tracked down from a video camera that was in the vicinity where Smollett claimed two men in red caps shouted homophobic and racist slurs at him, one man allegedly punched Smollett in the face before the duo "tussled by the stairs" and then, for some unknown reason, turned and ran but not before pouring bleach and placing a rope/noose around Smollett"s neck.

The Osundairo brothers say the entire attack was staged and that it was Smollett"s idea and plan. According to Page Six, their source says the attack was staged after Smollett received threatening, hate mail, yet the story didn"t get enough press.

The news comes after other reports say there is a good chance Smollett will go before a grand jury and may face indictment for filing a false police report.

At this point, authorities continue to collect evidence and try to separate fact from fiction. Also unknown is whether there was a legitimate threat with the note, or if someone else sent it to the 36-year-old Empire actor.

As more reports that the attack was staged surface, the more people are calling for Jussie Smollett to be charged with filing a police report.

Smollet granted Robin Roberts an interview. It"s possible that the comments made during that interview might be examined and come up during the investigation.

What do you think about Jussie Smollett"s case? Do you believe he staged the attack due to lack of media attention?

Khloe Kardashian Shares Daring Pictures To Tempt Tristan Thompson After Awful Valentine"s Day at


In an attempt to get back at Tristan Thompson, mama Khloe Kardashian has unveiled her most stunning photo shoot to date where she leaves little to the imagination.

According to several reliable sources, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star had one the worst Valentine"s Day ever.

While True"s mother was at home posting photos of flowers, Tristan was busy hitting bars and flirting with random women.

Khloe seems to be tempting Tristan with her daring photos that were accompanied by another cryptic message that read: “Are you willing to give up what you love, for who you love?”

A source spoke to Hollywood Life and explained why Khloe keeps sharing odd quotes on social media.

The person in the know said: "I hope everything gets better for all of us. Khloe is motivated to live her life on her own terms, and she enjoys sharing her thoughts and ideas with the world. Posting quotes on Instagram is her own creative way to speak to Tristan [Thompson], her sisters, family and to let the whole world know how she feels at the same time.”

The insider went on to explain: “Khloe is happy to be in LA right now, she’s very busy with work, and she loves True being able to spend so much time with her cousins and family. It’s what’s best for them now, but she insists that it’s in no way a sign of trouble between her and Tristan though, she says they’re all good.”

According to the family friend, Khloe is also hoping to get Tristan"s attention.

The source shared: “However, she is also sending a message to Tristan that she is an independent woman, OK doing her own thing. She is a strong and a loving, caring mom too. Khloe wants Tristan and the world to know how she feels about things and loves how immediate and intimate social media can be. She loves using it as a tool to express herself, feelings and emotions. Right now, she wants the world to know that everyone can stop worrying about her and her relationship with Tristan… they are doing just fine.”

Khloe is playing a very peculiar game.

Fat Joe Shares First Photo Of Remy Ma"s Stunning "Golden Child" -- Papoose Could Not Be Prouder Of The Uncle at


Rap legend Fat Joe shared a sweet picture of Remy Ma"s baby daughter and confirmed that she is indeed the most beautiful child he has ever seen.

Since Papoose and his wife welcomed their Golden Child, they have kept her under wraps; they have yet to show her face and still keeping her name a secret.

This week, Remy Ma"s longtime friend, collaborator, and "brother" posted a sweet photo with his niece and used the caption to say she is more than beautiful -- the infant is stunning.

Fat Joe said: "Wowwwwww my niece is sooooo beautiful, I know everyone says their kid is beautiful but this young lady is stunning her smile is priceless God bless The Golden Child @papoosepapoose @remyma Family Ties."

Papoose continued: "Uncle @fatjoe came by to see his niece #thegoldenchild 🙏🏿 family #underrated."

Remy Ma said Fat Joe spent four hours talking to the baby and added: "#TheGoldenChild loves when people talk to her. So when Uncle @FatJoe came by with his unique voice and charismatic way of telling all kinds of stories for 4 hours straight ...she was in love. Started at him the entire time🥰 @UncleDan560TS - she heard you too😏#RemyMa #OurDaughter #MeetTheMackies #BlackLove."

One fan reacted to the lovely photo by saying: "😍😍😍 Love this picture where you see real love between you guys!! Fam, money can’t buy that, only hard times and love gonna get you here☝🏽🖤God bless you all 🤗🤗🤗. I want to know the golden child name."

Another supporter wrote: "Congrats beautiful 🎉🎉 you got your first and only girl 💜💜, and I got my first, and only boy 💙💙Lucky little kid wish @fatjoe was my uncle imagine having a legend as an uncle!! How beautiful and look and Remy snaps back! Good lord mama!!! ❤️"

This third follower penned a sweet message that said: "Congratulations🎉🎊👍👏👍. May Jehovah bless 🙏 y"all family👨👦👧👩👴👵👪. B good to one another. So happy to c people of color loving one another. Nothing but love for y"all. Black love ❤😘💞😍 is beautiful. Awwwwww beautiful photo and Remy GIRL you"re looking HOT for just having the baby may god bless her always 🙏🏼."

Fat Joe and Remy Ma have a fantastic bond.

Toni Braxton Shows Off Her Best Life With Birdman Pictures -- Some Fans Are Raining On Their Parade at


Diva Toni Braxton is trying to live her best life with her fiancé, Birdman, but the Internet will not let her.

The legendary singer and songwriter recently shared a sweet picture where she is very cozy with Birdman on his birthday.

Many critics bashed the power couple for their on-and-off romance and others went after the Young Money mogul"s looks and tattoos.

A person said: "I know right it"s just a little fishy and then goes on a talk show dance around the question when you"re asked when are you getting married? Oh well, we"re both busy our schedules, blah blah blah I call BS! In the real world when people are together and in love, they get engaged to plan the wedding and get married already cut out all the smoke and mirrors and dust because it just looks fishy after a while."

Fans rushed to defend Toni.

One kind comment read: "I wish the best for you, Toni, you deserve it; I love you and your family. God bless you because you are already blessed sending love and hugs to you all ❤️😍❤️😘 I wish I could like this a thousand times... Happy Birthday, Birdman! Toni, your concert in chi town, was Everything! 🥰 Yo bad the birthday guy didn’t join you on stage! You guys are indeed one of my fav celeb couples! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹these negative I"m gonna give my opinion nobody asked for folks get on my nerves..."

Another follower claimed: "Love you, Toni, we see you every time you come to the "D."Lucky man to have Toni 🙌oh yeah we have to have no life and empty relationships to comment on something someone posts on social media go sit down somewhere in a corner and eat a pork chop loser."

This fan wrote: "Let them be! Focus on your self. They always think they know, listen when I was coming up n NOLA we look at Baby, juvie, Master-P,etc.. As normal people, wt and heart beat like everyone stop stating what u think u know, they r entitled to live, and love."

Toni is one of a kind diva.

Zonnique Pullins Is Still Not Ending Those Pregnancy Rumors -- Tiny Harris" Daughter Shares New Pictures That Add More Confusion For T.I. Fans at


Is Zonnique Pullins pregnant? The daughter of Tiny Harris, who calls T.I. her loving pop, has decided to finally give an answer to the question without saying a word.

For the past few weeks, Zonnique, who is currently dating rapper Bandhunta Izzy, has been the subject of pregnancy rumors because she has been hiding her belly.

This week, Tiny"s oldest daughter showed some skin to end the pregnancy chatter. The young woman debuted a hot red hair as she posed in a cute top that that showed off her back and a bit of belly.

Bandhunta Izzy"s girlfriend received a few sweet compliments from some fans while a few critics claimed she is still hiding her pregnancy.

One person told Zonnique: "Your natural eye color looks beautiful on you love. You look like you smell like cocoa powder 😍😍If her grandmother is already done said that she’s not pregnant, I don’t understand why all of you keep saying that she is, when she’s not. Lol, some of all of you so annoying in these comments 🙄, her grandmother already shut the rumors down. Now mind all of your business and leave this girl alone."

Another commenter stated: "Now y’all can stop asking is she pregnant 🤦🏾‍♀️Glad to see your surgery came back good stay bless Sweets and humble is a must!"

This fan shared: "Is it just me or does that shirt look to be resting on a baby bump? Look closely. (I could be wrong 🤷).So pretty don"t hide your pregnancy. She definitely, keep hiding her stomach 🤷🏾‍♀️But to each its own!! Take a pic facing the front Nique😍😍❤️You don’t have to hide girl you are grown af with business bout yourself a good man and a supportive family!🗣🗣It’s ok...😘Wait, so her eyes are not blue anymore. that hair color looks beautiful on you, have a blessed day."

A fourth supporter wrote: "I’m so glad T.I. raised his girls up good with morales and they ain’t acting like these other celebrityhood rat kids 💕💕 very pretty mama."

If Zonnique is pregnant, she will announce when she is good and ready. Most women wait over three months to share the news.

Phaedra Parks Fans Are Laughing At Her Boyfriend Tone Kapone After He Posted This Valentine"s Day Message at


As it turns out, Phaedra Parks is a dating a man, who loves to make people laugh, willingly or unwillingly.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, who had a wonderful Valentine"s Day with her new beau, Tone Kapone, posted a sweet video where they are all booed up at the NBA All-Star Game.

The former wife of Apollo Nida said she never knew she would be that happy and in love again.

She stated: "I never thought I would smile like this again. Thank you @tonekapone33 for making everyday special. I can’t imagine life without us❣️#OneLastDance #Allstar."

Tone appeared in a cute clip where he called Phaedra his wife and said “Valentimes,” that made many people laugh.

One fan said: "It sounds like he said “Valentimes” 🧐...but he still fionneeee okurrrt Phaedra hunnyyy. I think he is super cute. I don"t know much about him, But I am sure he is better than Apollo. Sickness and health is one thing BUT I would never stay with someone who goes to prison! If you go to Prison, you no longer have a wife as far as I am concerned. But I am happy for you Phaedra, and you’re worthy of all the love and happiness that he give to complete you ... Love and miss you on the show. ♥️💜"

Another follower claimed: "So happy for you both! Keep loving each other! And don’t worry about the naysayers! Live! Love! Laugh! EVERYBODY get all boo"d up...and I"m just over here waiting on my taxes😥😥 lol...I"m here for everything. Glad he brought the spark 😅😘"

This third person shared: "So happy for you. I like the fact that with all you had to go through you still Stood firm. The fact that you were not alone to Stand alone even without friends says so much of a strong and admirable character you are. A real role model for the younger generation. A strong force to reckon with. When you wait, you get the best of the lot — wishing you great happiness and more blessings to you and your lovely sons."

In a recent interview, the attorney said she would love to marry with the 38-year-old radio host: “I’m not rushing into that you know, but I’m very fond of him, and we adore each other … [He’s] a great guy. He’s super supportive. He’s everything I’ve prayed for and more.”

Phaedra is definitely in a new chapter of her life.

Barack Obama"s Daughter Malia"s Secret Facebook Account Revealed: She Has An Interesting Take On Donald Trump at


It appears that Malia Obama had a secret Facebook account and one of her so-called friends decided to sell the content to a media outlet.

According to the Daily Mail, who obtained some of the posts shared by Barack and Michelle Obama"s daughter, she is not a big fan of President Donald Trump.

The former reality TV star spent many years bashing Barack by saying he was not a legitimate president because he lied about his place of birth.

Trump, who became the leader of the birther movement, claimed that Barack was born in Kenya.

While on The Laura Ingraham Show, Trump said the following: "I have people that have been studying [Obama"s birth certificate], and they cannot believe what they"re finding ... I would like to have him show his birth certificate, and can I be honest with you, I hope he can. Because if he can"t, if he can"t, if he wasn"t born in this country, which is a real possibility ... then he has pulled one of the great cons in the history of politics."

In one of the posts on Malia’s secret Facebook page, there is a row of post-it notes that bash Trump: “Donald Trump is President" “This is not normal" “Donald Trump is evil" “Don’t be complacent.”

Many say that Malia had the right to be upset with Trump.

One person replied: "How is she supposed to feel about a man that attacked her father? That was about 2 years ago...he was bashing her family 🤷🏽‍♀️. She had every right to feel the way she felt."

Another commenter shared: "The blogs and news outlets need to leave this girl alone. She"s a young lady in college and has never held any political office. She owes no one ish, and we need to let her live in peace. Soooooo he publicly criticizes her father says racists things about her father along with his spawns. 🤷🏽‍♀️"

This supporter wrote: "He came at her, her mom and her dad so her being anti trump is pretty understandable if you come for my dad I’m stabbing you, so I say she was acting rationally."

Some say that Malia has a right to privacy.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima Has Found Love Again Only A Month After Colt Johnson"s Divorce Filing! at


It turns out that the 90 Day Fiancé star has found love again just one month after her ex, Colt Johnson filed for divorce! Larissa Dos Santos Lima is dating again, and she was the one to gush over how in love she is on social media! However, the reality TV celeb is yet to also reveal the lucky man’s identity!

Larissa took to Instagram to answer some questions from her followers in a Q&A session.

That is when she also ended up talking about her new man, even including a physical description of him but not telling his name!

When one fan congratulated her on the ‘major upgrade’ [Yikes!], Larissa thanked them and made it clear that her beau is ‘like a dream!’

She also explained that since he is ‘very private and not into social media, I will try to just keep him out of the public eye for a while.’

As the questions from fans continued to pour in, Larissa revealed the mystery man’s age to be 26 but noted that his maturity age is over 40!

He also apparently has blue eyes ‘like Sinatra’ and made sure to bring her flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Oh, and he is Italian!

One follower wanted to know how her mental state has been since starting to date the new man – is it any healthier?

‘I feel at peace. I thought that [to] be happy was a dead dream. Now I see how is important kiss and hugs.’

Larissa has been through a lot in the last couple of months since, after a particularly bad fight with her estranged husband Colt, she was arrested for domestic battery!

Apparently, it all started with her accusing Colt of cheating.

On the day she was taken into custody, the man hurried up and filed for a divorce!