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Kevin Hart Responds To Criticism After He Shows Support To Jussie Smollett Despite His Homophobic Tweets Scandal at


Kevin Hart was slammed on social media after showing support to actor Jussie Smollett following the hate crime against him. It seems like people thought it was pretty ridiculous that a man who had a homophobia scandal was publicly supporting the gay star.

However, the comedian made sure to clap back, arguing that people can change and that he has.

As you may know, after Hart sent ‘prayers’ to Smollett in a tweet, he sparked some backlash.

But now, Kevin is defending himself against the trolls, saying: ‘I stand with a man in his time of hurt and of need by giving him heartfelt support and you take the time to harp on my 10 yr past that I have apologized for and moved on from by being a better person. Do you want change? If so I"m an example of what you want people to do…CHANGE!’

His response comes after TV writer Ira Madison reacted to his initial tweet, calling it his ‘funniest joke yet.’

The comedian gave up his 2019 Oscars hosting gig after some decade old homophobic posts resurfaced.

Regardless, after it was announced that Jussie Smollett was brutally attacked by a group of men who were shouting racial and homophobic slurs at him, Hart sent the fellow actor some love on Twitter: ‘Sending prayers your way @jussiesmollett ….This is unbelievably sad. Why are we going backwards….this is disgusting. We as people have to do better. WTF is going on the world???? Why…’

Reportedly, the attack that landed Smollett in the hospital was done by Donald Trump supporters wearing ski masks who supposedly told him ‘This is MAGA country’ before placing a noose around his neck.

Allegedly, Jussie also got a terrifying letter, mailed to Fox Studios in Chicago, written in cut out letters that read: ‘You will die black f**k.’

Rasheeda Frost Catches Kirk Off Guard With Surprise Birthday Cake And Touching Words -- Pictures Prove That "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" Star Jasmine Washington Is Ancient History at


Boss Chick Rasheeda Frost made sure her husband, Kirk, had the best birthday party ever and these fun-filled pictures show it.

Proving once and for all that the Jasmine Washington cheating scandal belongs to the past, the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star showered Kirk with all the love in the world on his special day with a colorful birthday party complete with a huge cake.

Kirk, who was delighted by the event, said: "Caught me off guard with the surprise birthday cake even though it’s my birthday I wasn’t expecting it yet!"

Rasheeda had to say to her spouse: "Happy Birthday to my other half @frost117 I will love you always... wishing you many more!🎊🎂🎂#aquarius #birthday #frostfam ❤️❤️❤️😘"

One person said: "Y’all give me so much hope, real love is out there ❤️❤️Happy birthday, I know you glad that"s not your kid, and the storyline is for work purposes only!"

Another commenter stated: "You are a fantastic person. They don"t make them like you anymore.blessing to you both🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽I swear kirk the luckiest man he got a true keeper 🙌 Yasss. 😘😘I love that you too are still rocking family that prays to stay alright happy birthday Mr. Frost."

A critic explained: "You can make babies with other women while you"re with me, I"ll always love you"Kirk You still on my bad side for tryna play my girl Rasheeda, but since she posted you on her page, Happy Birthday🙄🎉Hope, you have absolutely no fun at all🤷🏽‍♀️"

In a past interview, Rasheeda explained how tragedy created a deeper bond with her husband.

She said: "We are [on a good page right now]. We have a lot of things that we have to deal with regardless of our relationship status. If we’re getting along or not getting along, cool or not cool, there are still things that we have to deal with as parents, and as business partners. We put a lot of things to the side and put our kids and this situation to the forefront. I wanted to be a shoulder for him because regardless of what we’re going through I definitely would want 100 percent support from everybody around me."

Rasheeda seems to really have her husband"s back.

Brad Pitt Has Not Been Seen With His Children In Public In Almost 3 Years at


Brad Pitt has made more than a few public appearances since his nasty split from Angelina Jolie in 2016. But it has been close to three years since the actor has stepped out in public with any of his six children. So what gives?

An inside source claims that it is not Pitt"s fault that he has not spent much time with his kiddos in public. The 55-year-old’s oldest kids, Maddox and Pax reportedly don"t want anything to do with him, and his estranged wife is not helping mend their relationship.

"Angie secretly delights in Maddox and Pax refusing to see Brad," the insider dished. "Besides that, she doesn’t stop them when they badmouth and complain about him … Not stopping them from blasting Brad plays into her mind games."

Despite Jolie"s divisive tactics, the source told In Touch Weekly that Pitt is doing his best to work things out with his children. While Pitt knows that his relationship with Maddox is beyond repair, he is hopeful that he can build bridges with his younger children.

This is one reason why Pitt has gone to great lengths to turn his life around. The only problem is that Jolie is unwilling to give Pitt another chance, which, according to the insider, is frustrating for him.

The source claims that Jolie is doing everything in her power to undermine Pitt"s attempt at redemption. The actress, for example, did not tell Pitt about their daughter"s recent birthday party until after it was over. Although Pitt was angered that he wasn"t involved, he knows that being there would have probably upset everyone and created a big scene.

With Jolie constantly working against Pitt, the source believes that their custody battle could take another turn for the worse. For their children"s sake, we can only hope that the two work things out and that the situation does not get out of hand.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have not commented on the latest rumors surrounding their children. The two are still finalizing the last details of their divorce, which includes dividing assets.

Fixer Upper Stars Chip And Joanna Gaines Slammed By Fellow HGTV Stars at


Eric and Lindsey Bennett are done being compared to Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines. The Desert Flippers recently opened up about their fellow HGTV stars and told fans that their renovations in Palm Springs, California are a lot harder than what Chip and Joanna do in Waco, Texas.

The Bennett’s slammed the Fixer Upper couple during an appearance at the Market Home and Gift trade show in Las Vegas this week. During their session, Eric answered a question from a fan who asked what he thought of Joanna"s favorite design element: shiplap.

"I don"t know who that is," Eric sarcastically shared.

According to Radar Online, Eric then revealed that he thinks Chip and Joanna have it easy compared to what they do on Desert Flippers. Eric explained how their Waco counterparts do not put up any of their own funds when they flip a house, something he and Lindsey do all the time.

"Joanna gets money upfront from her clients and works with them to create their dream house," he stated. "When we flip a house, it’s our money on the line."

Eric and Lindsey should be used to the comparisons. After all, the couples have had similar shows on the same network. Even still, onlookers claimed that Eric and Lindsey were visibly upset by the question and clearly did not want to talk about Chip and Joanna. After Eric threw some shade at the Gaines, nobody asked them any more questions about the pair.

Last year, Chip and Joanna announced that they were done with Fixer Upper so that they could focus on other projects. During an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the couple revealed that they are negotiating a deal that would land them their very own network. The news came months after Joanna gave birth to her fifth child, baby Crew, with Chip.

Eric and Lindsey, meanwhile, have been married for almost eight years and share three children. The two are currently in the middle of their third season of Desert Flippers, which airs on HGTV.

Chip and Joanna Gaines have not said anything about Eric"s comments.

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Photographed Together In Public For The First Time Since Their Split - Details! at


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were caught on camera in public together for the very first time ever since their September 2016 split! The actors did not seem like they wanted to be in each other’s company very much as they looked pretty tense discussing something in Beverly Hills.

Apparently, the exes’ reunion took about three hours, and they discussed their six kids’ custody on their outing.

WHO magazine was the publication to obtain the rare pictures.

Angelina and Brad have not been photographed in public together at all since their divorce in 2016.

The outlet also mentioned that the Hollywood stars were joined by their legal representatives.

They look amicable enough, but another report claims that they got a little bit heated during their discussion.

The Blast stated that Jolie looked upset as Pitt was pacing back and forth outside the office.

Also, according to the outlet, they met to further discuss some of their custody details.

While they may have an agreement in place at the moment, Brad and Angelina are supposedly working to find a permanent one.

Ever since their split happened, the former Hollywood couple has been at war over their six kids’ custody.

For over a year after they went their separate ways, Jolie had primary custody of the bunch.

However, just last summer, a judge ordered that the man gets more time with the young ones since not having a relationship with their father might affect their development negatively.

After that, struggles relating to the appropriate amount of child support continued to be part of their co-parenting situation.

Jolie accused her ex of not playing any ‘meaningful child support’ since their split.

On the other hand, Pitt argued that he loaned her no less than $8 million to get a new mansion, and also gave her a total of $1.3 million just for their children’s care.

Wendy Williams Spotted In Florida Amid Health And Cheating Husband Drama at


Wendy Williams has been on hiatus from her talk show since late December so she can focus on her health, and this week she was spotted out for the first time since announcing she needed to take a “necessary, extended break.” Williams was photographed at a CVS in southern Florida while grabbing some toiletries and snacks, but insiders say she should be back on her show in about three weeks.

In the meantime, Nick Cannon has stepped in to guest host The Wendy Williams Show, and others - like Heather McDonald, Bevy Smith, and Michael Yo - have also filled in. But, the crew is already preparing for Williams’ return.

“Staff are planning a big ‘Welcome Back’ show where Wendy will address her health problems, but she isn’t going to be saying anything else,” says a source. “She will be working with PR people and producers, and will stick to the press release script.”

The insider added that the script will be carefully written, and Williams will read from a teleprompter to stay on message.

Before she took a break, Williams shocked viewers during a segment by slurring her speech and making weird faces. She blamed the incident on her pain meds. But since then, Williams has continued to push off her return date because she is still recovering from a shoulder fracture and other ailments.

The network has still not announced the 54-year-old’s official return date because she has already changed it three times. And, according to Radar Online, they still aren’t certain she won’t push it back again. Insiders say that Williams’ mysterious health problems have left her looking “frail.”

While she is trying to recover, Williams has also had to deal with the rumors surrounding her husband, Hunter. The story is that Hunter has had a mistress named Sharina Hudson for ten years, and now the speculation is that she is pregnant with Hunter’s baby.

The couple has denied the reports, and they are doing everything they can to focus on Wendy William’s health and improve her well-being. Another insider claims that there has even been talk of moving from New Jersey to Manhattan to reduce her daily commute and to better focus on her career.

Are Below Deck"s Ashton And Laura Still Together? Plus What Would Kate Chastain Change About Season 6 at


Season 6 of Below Deck should have been dubbed the season of love. There were so many sparks flying that it was hard to keep up at times. But one of the most interesting relationships happened between Ashton Pienaar and Laura Betancourt.

Although Pienaar briefly flirted with Rhylee Gerber, he walked off the ship with Betancourt and seemingly had high hopes about their relationship. But did their romance last after the cameras stopped rolling?

Several of the yachties opened up about their dating lives during the Season 6 reunion. According to Bravo, several Below Deck cast members are already single and have been exploring their options in the dating world. There is also one crew member who has gotten so serious with their significant other that they have moved in together.

Unfortunately, the network did not reveal which couples broke up and which ones stayed together after the season ended. Fans will ultimately have to watch the reunion to find out, which airs next week.

Apart from all the romance, chief stew Kate Chastain recently opened up about the one regret she has about Season 6. Taking to Twitter, Chastain revealed that she wished she would have done something differently about Adrian Martin"s "ejaculating sea slug" centerpiece, which actually made for a hilarious clip.

"In hindsight, there"s a lot of things I would have done differently this season, most importantly I would have saved us all wasted time and just supported Adrian"s wish for an ejaculating sea slug…" she shared.

Chastain was obviously joking about the centerpiece and had nothing but good things to say about the Season 6 crew. In fact, she later told fans that this may have been the best yacht crew she has ever worked alongside.

Chastain"s comments echo what Captain Lee Rosbach said in a previous interview. Given how the crew handled all of the drama this season, it is hard to disagree with them.

Fans can find out which couples stayed together when the Season 6 reunion of Below Deck kicks off Feb. 5 on Bravo.

Cardi B And Offset Officially Back Together - Here"s What He Had To Do To Get Another Chance! at


According to new reports, Cardi B and Offset’s separation is over after two months of estrangement! As fans remember, the female emcee put an end to her one year long marriage with the Migos member amid cheating allegations.

Now, one TMZ report claims that Cardi finally took her husband back but only after he did everything he could to prove that he is trustworthy.

The news outlet claims that, ahead of the Super Bowl weekend, Cardi is coming back to their Atlanta home for the very first time since she announced their split at the beginning of last month.

Offset fought hard to win Cardi back as he publicly apologized multiple times and begged her to forgive him.

He also showered her with expensive gifts and definitely promised he would never betray her again.

The site mentioned that he had to make some significant changes to convince his wife that he is to be trusted from now on.

Reportedly, one was changing his phone number and only using it to contact Cardi and for business.

That means, no more side chicks know his digits!

Furthermore, Offset also promised Cardi that he will not let any female fans close to him at concerts either!

While she seemed determined to teach her hubby a lesson, fans were not too surprised to hear the reports that Cardi took Offset back.

It makes total sense since, only a few weeks after their separation, they hooked up in Mexico.

Cardi insisted that it was only physical, but in other posts since then, the Bodak Yellow rapper hinted that she did want Offset back in her and her daughter’s lives.

There was even one very clear post that featured Offset with baby Kulture, captioned ‘I wanna go home.’

Tiny Harris & Daughter Zonnique Pullins Show Off New Hair Colors - Check Out Their New Sassy Looks In The Video at


Tiny Harris and her daughter Zonnique Pullins, both got some new hair colors, and Nique just showed them off on her social media account. Check out her video below to see the ladies new looks.

"the ongoing color battle..somehow we always end up with similar colors though🤔 look how offensive she gets LMAO (don’t worry I know I get everything from her, what color has she not done)" Zonnique captioned her video.

Someone wrote: "Remember You Had Something Like That Beginning Of The Omg Days 😍, Y’all Can Pull Off Any Color 💁🏽‍♀️🥰❤️."

Another one of her supporters said that "I wish I could do colors. I don"t know where to even start. I see yall and others with different hair colors and it looks like fun and it looks so stylish. But I"m so regular I don"t know what color to even branch out to. @zonniquejailee."

One fan wrote that "Yours is burgundy or plum and your mom is purple,, so technically she wore her own color. At the end of it all, you both look good in your individual colors."

Someone else gushed over both ladies and their amazing new looks: "Y"all both gorgeous and can rock any color and still look good😍😘"

Speaking of hair and looks, just recently, Tiny wanted to share with her fans what’s her secret for having a healthy and strong hair that does not break anymore.

She told everyone what she has been using that helped with her hair so much.

Counting On Star Joy-Anna Duggar Just Broke One Of Jim Bob Duggar"s Biggest Rules at


Joy-Anna Duggar may have just broken one of her father"s biggest rules by getting a job. The Counting On star was listed as a staff member in a video promoting Fort Rock Family Camp, which is owned by her husband, Austin Forsyth"s, parents, Terry and Roxanne Forsyth.

It is unclear what Joy-Anna does at the camp, but the video makes it clear that she works alongside Austin in some capacity. In the clip, Joy-Anna pretty much just stands by her husband while he talks about all of the programs the camp offers.

The video does not reveal if Joy-Anna is a counselor or director, though future promotional videos might clear that up.

Whatever Joy-Anna does, the fact that she has a job is huge for the Duggar family. As Counting On fans are well aware, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are extremely conservative and have raised their sons and daughters under a strict set of rules.

At the top of the list of rules is getting married and having children, which most of Joy-Anna"s siblings have done. The women in the family also tend to stay at home and let their husbands provide, so Joy-Anna getting a job is a pretty big deal.

That said, Joy-Anna"s job is technically still in the family. According to In Touch Weekly, the job promotes the same conservative values the Duggars hold and is not a typical camping experience.

In fact, the camp frequently plays host to conservative guests. This includes the ever controversial Michael and Debi Pearl of No Greater Joy Ministries, who promote questionable disciplinary methods for children.

While we still don"t know what Joy-Anna Duggar"s job entails, it is possible we learn more about it on the upcoming season of Counting On, which is expected to premiere later this year.

Ramona Singer Spills Major Scoop About Season 11 Of RHONY at


Season 11 of the Real Housewives of New York promises to be one of the most exciting seasons to date. While the new teaser trailer offered a look at what"s to come, RHONY star Ramona Singer gave us an even bigger scoop on the drama ahead.

In a new interview, Singer opened up about what unfolds this season and revealed that there will be a lot of ups and downs. Fans will also see plenty of smooching, including some kisses between Singer and her former husband, Mario Singer, though with a slight twist.

"You"re going to see highs. You"re going to see lows," Singer shared. "You"re going to see lots of laughing, and lots of crying."

According to Bravo, Singer also revealed that she is back in the dating game and having fun meeting new people. The RHONY star admitted that finding romance has not been easy, but she has a good attitude about dating. Singer then said that she is ready to connect with somebody but will not be disappointed if nothing happens.

Fans, of course, have been wondering about the mysterious man in the red scarf, who came in between Singer and Bethenny Frankel last season and popped up again in the recent trailer.

Singer did not reveal the identity of the man, but she did assure fans that he is one of the "nicest" men she knows.

Although Singer was upbeat about the upcoming season, she did throw a little shade at newcomer and LuAnn de Lesseps’ bestie Barbara Kavovit, who will appear as a friend this season. When asked about her new co-star, Singer made it clear that Kavovit is not a Housewife and is just a friend.

Ramona Singer then refused to talk about Kavovit and made it pretty clear that she did not get along with the newbie at all. We have no idea what happened between the ladies, but it looks like we might have another feud in the making.

The new season of Real Housewives of New York is set to premiere March 6 on Bravo.

Ariana Grande"s Palm Tattoo No Longer Says BBQ Grill In Japanese - Check Out The Fixed Version! at


The singer’s brand new tattoo is no longer "embarrassing." Ariana Grande decided to fix her palm ink after her followers told her the Japanese characters did not say ‘7 Rings’ as she was intending but ‘BBQ Grill!’

As fans know, earlier this week, the star shared the new tattoo she got in honor of "7 Rings" and what that song means to her.

But soon enough, Grande was informed that the Kanji was misspelled, and it read ‘shichirin,’ a word used to refer to Japanese style barbeque!

Now, Ari posted the corrected spelling on her Insta Story, and it looks great, only it sounds like she preferred the first version’s look better.

‘Slightly better. Thanks to my tutor for helping me fix it and to @kanenavassard for being such a legend. And also to my doctor for the lidocaine shots. RIP tiny charcoal grill. Miss u man. I actually really liked u,’ the pop star wrote alongside the black and white snap of her palm.

[media-credit name="Source:" align="aligncenter" width="576"]file_71[/media-credit]

It makes sense that she needed some lidocaine since after getting the misspelled tattoo the first time, she told her fans that it hurt a lot.

‘Indeed, I left out "つの指" which should have gone in between. It hurt like f**k n still looks tight. I wouldn’t have lasted one more symbol lmao. But this spot also peels a ton and won’t last so if I miss it enough I’ll suffer thru the whole thing next time.’

She went on to explain that the tattoo artist even warned her that it was the most painful spot to get inked up, but Ariana was just really curious to feel it.

The celeb then joked that her curiosity is also ‘how u end up w tiny grill / circle / tambourine on your hand. It"s my favorite one now tho so pls leave me and my tambourine grill alone. Thank u.’

Check Out This Gorgeous Throwback Video Of Tamar And Toni Braxton Doing Cooking Karaoke To Mariah Carey at


Even if Tamar Braxton is on Celebrity Big Brother, her fans and followers still keep an eye on her social media account to see what"s new. The latest video that was posted shows a really funny and beautiful Tamar Braxton together with her sister Toni Braxton, singing Mariah Carey"s song while cooking.

The ladies are just gorgeous, and you can see that by checking out the clip below.

"From @mrldavis - In Honor of Tamar Winning tonight here is a throwback video of Tamar and @tonibraxton doing Cooking Karaoke to Mariah Carey !! Make sure you guys keep supporting Tamar on Big Brother and I might leak some more unseen footage 🤔" the video is captioned.

Someone commented "Yes Tamar I’m sooooooooooooo happy for you. Who wanna talk let them talk!! You will have the last laugh 🙏🏽🙌🏽👌🏽🌈."

Another follower said "Yes!!! My girl is playing a better game than any of the females in the house," while someone else posted "Toni, how could you NOT know the lyrics 😩😩" being disappointed that Toni doesn"t quite know the lyrics to Mariah"s song.

One fan gushed over Tamar and said: "I love how much @tamarbraxton loves @mariahcarey! I"m waiting on the day she is called to do her tribute!"

Recently, Tamar was involved in a scandal in the CBB house. It seems that Lolo Jones and  Tamar got into some sort of physical altercation in the Big Brother House, The Shade Room had reported a few days ago.

Also, according to a recent video from the house, Tamar ended her feud with Kandi Burruss.

In the video, Tamar says that she wishes they would get to know each other better, and the two ladies end their talk with a hug.

Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Are Back In Bad Boys For Life at


Close to 24 years after Will Smith and Martin Lawrence teamed up for Bad Boys, the two are back in action for the third chapter of the hit franchise, Bad Boys for Life. Taking to Instagram, Smith and Lawrence offered a first look at the highly anticipated film with a short video featuring P. Diddy"s song, "Bad Boys for Life."

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah are directing the flick, which sees Smith and Lawrence reprising their roles as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett. We do not know if Gabrielle Union will be back as Smith"s lover because the actress is committed to the franchise"s television spin-off, L.A."s Finest.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Vanessa Hudgens and Charles Melton are starring as two new characters in the film, while Joe Pantoliano is reprising his part from the first two movies. Based on the teaser, it"s going to be really interesting seeing what Smith and Lawrence come up with for the new movie.

Smith first teased that Bad Boys for Life was in production earlier this month. The actor shared a quick post on social media that featured a photo of a stack of scripts for the film, confirming that production was well underway.

"Day 1. I’ll keep y’all posted," he captioned the pic.

The actors, who last appeared together on the big screens fifteen years ago, announced the project back in November. The two have not given any hints about what the storyline is about, but it looks like things are off to a great start.

Smith and Lawrence have not revealed when production for the new film will end. The movie is not expected to hit theaters for another year, so it might be a while before we hear anything new about the project.

Fans can watch Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reprise their roles when Bad Boys for Life opens in theaters on Jan. 17, 2020.

Pete Davidson And Kanye West Enjoy Dinner Together After The SNL Star Slammed Ye! at


How often does something like that happen? It looks like Kanye West and Pete Davidson spent some time together despite the SNL comedian criticizing the rapper before for his MAGA wearing ways and comments on mental health.

Kim Kardashian took to social media to post some pics from Kid Cudi"s exclusive birthday dinner, and his guests surprised many.

Pete can be seen sitting at the table alongside actor Timothée Chalamet and behind them, standing, is none other than Kanye!

It is safe to say that seeing these celebs together, having fun in the same room, is something most people couldn’t have imagined and yet, somehow it happened!

Judging by their bright smiles, there was no tension at the party, and they all must have had a great time celebrating Kid Cudi’s big day.

As for how they came together, Chalamet has been a fan of Cudi for a really long time, and as they got to hang out at a Montreal concert backstage for hours, the young actor received some advice from Cudi too.

Similar to him, Pete has also appreciated Cudi a lot for the longest time.

In fact, he went as far as to give him credit for being alive!

‘He saved my life. I would"ve killed myself if I didn"t have Kid Cudi. If you"re 25 and under, I truly believe that Kid Cudi saved your life. I truly believe if Man on the Moon didn"t come out, I wouldn"t be here,’ the comedian told Vulture in a previous interview.

And finally, Cudi and Ye are the duo Kids See Ghosts.

But the most unexpected thing about the birthday soiree was that Pete and Kanye got to hang out.

Pete has slammed the rapper before, both for wearing a MAGA hat proudly and also because of the comments he made about not taking his bipolar disorder meds.

Did they find common ground while at the party?

Porsha Williams Came Through Dripping In The Latest Pics From Her Date Night With Dennis McKinley - Check Out The Gorgeous Mom To Be at


Porsha Williams and her fiance, Dennis McKinley had a night out with their family and friends, and Porsha made sure to document it on her social media account. She shared a bunch of pics in which the woman completely rocks a form-fitting black dress which shows off her baby bump.

"Mom & Dads night out with family/friends 🍾 😘 @ladytford" Porsha captioned one of the posts and here"s what she wrote in the second caption: "Pj literally moved in each shot 😂 We will buss a maternity shoot anywhere lmao ❤️🤰🏽 #AwaitingPJ #3rdTrimester."

Her fans were in awe to see this gorgeous lady, and they made sure to tell her thins in the comments section. Everyone is anxious to meet baby PJ.

Someone wrote "Your Are More Beautiful Pregnant Just Beautiful Porsha. Congratulations God Bless you And Pj And Hubby."

Another follower said that they "can"t wait to see the little one I know u will be a great mom," while one other supporter gushed over the couple and wrote: "I love you guys!! Wish you so much health and happiness @porsha4real and Dennis."

One fan said that "We will never cross paths but I"m so proud and happy for you. Take care of yourself."

A male follower also commented and told Porsha this: "Me and my wife has always watched the housewives of Atlanta you have always been my favorite."

Porsha was recently shining again in her pics with her crew from Dish Nation.

She also just celebrated her sister’s the gorgeous girl’s birthday, and in order to mark her third anniversary, Porsha shared some lovely pics and a video with the baby girl.

Lauren William’s daughter looks gorgeous, and it’s no surprise that Porsha is so in love with her. Fans have been telling her to be patient because she will soon have her very own baby girl.

Prince Harry And Prince William Still Have A Difficult Relationship With Camilla Parker Bowles at


Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles" marriage has been anything but smooth sailing, and some of their troubles are reportedly due to Camilla"s strained relationship with Charles" sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Although Harry and William have referred to Camilla as a "wonderful woman" in past interviews, one royal expert believes there is more to their relationship than meets the eye.

Christopher Wilson, who has written biographies on the royal family, claims that William and Harry are distant with Camilla behind closed doors. Charles" sons have expressed nothing but support for their step-mother in public, but Wilson says that the situation is different away from the cameras.

"Dealing with the family she married into hasn"t always been plain sailing," Wilson explained, adding that there is "distance" between the parties.

According to Express, Wilson"s claims follow rumors that William and Harry never forgave Camilla for ruining their father"s marriage to Princess Diana, who tragically passed away in 1997. Inside sources also believe that the boys will not let Charles refer to Camilla as Queen once he takes the throne and want her title to be something else, like Queen Consort.

Charles and Camilla"s relationship started back in the 1970s, though they put things on hold after Charles wed Diana in 1981. Charles and Diana divorced in 1996 and he came clean about his romance with Camilla following his ex-wife"s passing. The two tied the knot in 2005 with a small wedding at Windsor Guildhall.

The royal family has not commented on the rumors surrounding Camilla"s strained relationship with William and Harry. Although it has been over twenty years since their mother"s death, Harry and William are still haunted by her memory.

The brothers opened up about their late mom during a documentary in 2017, titled Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy. In the film, Prince William and Prince Harry talked about the last time they spoke to Diana and admitted that their final phone call still weighs heavily on their minds.

Funny Reginae Carter Accepts A Name Challenge And Fans Are Laughing Their Hearts Out at


The Shade Room had a funny challenge for their followers. You are supposed to say which is the worst pronunciation of your name. It seems that Toya Wright and Lil Wayne"s daughter, Reginae Carter stepped up and joined the conversation. Here"s what she said making fans laugh really hard.

Everyone knows these "nicknames" that haters used to give Nae and that"s why this comes as a really funny joke which shows that Nae is smart enough to be able to make fun of herself.

Someone wrote "Resume might be my fav lol," and another follower posted "Stop playing nae😭😭I can relate tho Lynnee’👉🏾👉🏾Lynn Lenny Line LeAnn😩"

Other than this, Nae seems to be doing okay these days, and she just showed her fans the detox secret that she"s using.

"Okay guys, the real tea ☕since becoming a #teamipartner a couple of months back, I am literally obsessed with @teamiblends detox. I’ve really been working on my body and def struggled in the beginning. It wasn’t until I added @teamiblends detox that I saw killer results. I haven’t been bloated after meals, my stomach stays flat, and I’ve even lost a few lbs. Teami is an easy program you drink every day to get rid of that stuff your body shouldn’t be holding onto. Like carbs and drama 😂 use my code NAE20 to save 20%🤑 #thankyouteami" Nae captioned her post on Instagram.

Someone wrote that "Skin is gorgeous love how u embrace your natural glow."

Another supporter said "I love women with strong beliefs that lead to positive energy and doing the right thing."

Recently, some new videos featuring Toya Wright’s daughter Reginae Carter and her BF made people displeased with her relationship with YFN Lucci.

People don’t like the way she’s acting when he’s around.

Kid Buu Speaks After Blac Chyna Scandal And Slams Rumors Claiming That He "Put His Hands On Her" - Meanwhile, Chyna"s Ex, YBN Almighty Jay, Posts A Video With Her On IG at


Another day, another Blac Chyna update. The woman has been very present lately in the news especially after she dumped Kid Buu in Hawaii.

It seems that she found out that he cheated on her and triggered a massive scandal that led to the police coming to their hotel to check out what was going on.

Now, Kid Buu talks about the incident for the very first time, and he wants to make one thing clear: he never touched Chyna because, according to him, this is not the way in which he was raised.

Some rumors claimed that he hit Chyna and that"s why the police came, but Buu denies it.

Someone commented: "Damn.....He’s actually intelligent. I’m actually starting to believe him. I feel kinda bad. 😩"

Another follower believes that "If he cut that hair, took a shower, and put on a suit he could look very nice."

Someone else wrote "Idk if I believe him, but dudes should avoid Chyna at all cost," and another person just wants Chyna to mind her kids: "Why can’t she just worry about her kids? Why she always need to be in a relationship?"

Meanwhile, Chyna"s very young ex, YBN Almighty Jay, posted a video of the two of them on Instagram Stories, confusing people.

Jay slammed her when she started dating Kid Buu, accusing her of hopping too fast from one man to another.

Someone wrote "She needs to just stop she is with somebody different everyday 🤦🏽‍♀️ 🤦🏽‍♀️ go be with your kids damn."

Another follower joked (or not) saying that I"m in the comments like what is everybody talking about. Only to turn my brightness up to see its Black Chyna. I thought that was Alexis Sky 😩"

Someone else has another theory: "It"s possible that he just went to check on her. ❤️💜"

What do you think about all this?

Rasheeda Frost Celebrates The Love Of Her Life, Kirk Frost"s Birthday: "I Will Love You Always" at


Happy Birthday, Kirk Frost! Rasheeda Frost is happy and in love. She"s celebrating Kirk Frost"s birthday, and she made sure to mark this important occasion with a gorgeous photo of the couple and a romantic message to her man.

"Happy Birthday to my other half @frost117 I will love you always... wishing you many more!🎊🎂🎂#aquarius #birthday #frostfam ❤️❤️❤️😘" Rasheeda captioned her post.

A lot of diehard fans of the couple jumped in the comments section to write their best wishes.

Someone posted "Happy Birthday 🎉🎂🎈🎁 May God Bless you with many more. What God joins together let noooo man put you under!!! I pray that you’ll marriage continue to be blessed."

Another follower said "Happy Birthday 💘💘💋💋I love you Rasheeda and Kirk power couple what God has brought together no man can destroy."

Someone else posted "Happy birthday. Happy to see you guys together. Hold on to each other & keep good first. Everything else will come into place."

A supported also had kind wishes for Rasheeda and said "U are an amazing person.. They don"t make"em like u anymore.blessing to u both."

There were also the usual haters who hopped in the comments section to slam Rasheeda for sticking by her man after he cheated on her.

Speaking of that episode, just recently, Jasmine Washington has decided to finally speak about Rasheeda Frost’s husband.

While chatting with fans, Jasmine spilled the tea about Kirk’s relationship with their 2-year-old son.

When during a Q&A a fan asked, ‘Does Kirk see Kannon?’ Jasmine responded by yes.

Anyway, we wish Rasheeda andKirk all the best and the strength and love to remain together if this is what they truly want.

Rob Kardashian Is Reportedly Monitoring Blac Chyna Closely Following The Immense Hawaii Scandal With Kid Buu at


It was already reported that Blac Chyna ditched her "cloned" boyfriend Kid Buu during their Hawaii vacay after finding out that he had reportedly cheated on her. Even the police arrived at their hotel after the mess they"ve made there.

Rob Kardashian hates it that his baby mama is acting like this these days and it seems that he"s currently after full custody of their baby girl Dream Kardashian.

Rob is currently dating Chyna"s nemesis, Alexis Skyy and this was only one of the things that brought the media attention on all of them.

It seems that when Chyna took off to Hawaii, Dream was at Rob"s and she did not even bother to tell him that she was leaving.

Hollywood Life reported that when Rob tried to leave Dream back home, he was surprised to see that he could not get hold of Chyna.

A source close to this hectic situation spilled the tea for the popular online magazine.

"Rob loves Dream more than anything in the world, and he hates it when he doesn’t have her with him," the insider said.

The same source continued and said that "But as hard as it is for him to be apart from Dream he’s been doing his absolute best to co-parent peacefully with Chyna. But there are major red flags with Chyna that concern Rob. He is extremely protective of Dream, so he’s watching very closely right now."

We"ll have to see what happens from here. Even Chyna"s mom Tokyo Toni made a video on social media to offer her opinion on her daughter"s latest scandal. She said that Chyna probably beat Buu.

Tamron Hall"s Sweet Looks Outshine Paris In Vacation Picture -- "TODAY" Show Fans Still Want Her Back at


Tamron Hall shared a picture from her vacation in Paris, France earlier this year and fans cannot decide between the stunning view and the reporter"s looks.

In the photo, the former host of the TODAY show is wearing a gorgeous coat and adjectives like beauty, intelligence and grace were used to describe her.

Others called Tamron a beautiful person and said she has what it takes to compete with the breathtaking streets of Paris.

Supporters of Tamron will finally get their wish -- she will be returning to daytime television with her own one-hour talk show.

She said the following: "At one point in time, I was doing the Today Show, MSNBC, hosting Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks and appearing on Running Wild with Bear Grylls. When I thought about what I wanted to do next, it seemed logical to bring all of those things to one spot. I love all of the things I have done on television, why not try to bring all of them to one show?”

One fan replied: "Beautiful backdrop for a beautiful woman!!!! Tameron Hall!!! Greatest Success yet for you!!!❤️❤️😘😘🎊🎉🌹Miss watching you on the Today Show! I sure God had elevated you someplace else! Change is good even when we don"t understand why."

Another commenter had the following reaction: "Now that’s a room with a view! I miss my Paris! You look stunning, and your coat is beautiful!😊seeing the Eiffel Tower is an added bonus! Morning TV is Nothing without Tamron Hall🙌🏽🌟 OMG! That coat is everything! Where can I get that coat from? I need that! I stopped watching the Today Show a few years back, when I started again, you were missing.... one of my favorite people to watch. Hope you are well... missing your smile in the morning!Blessings Queen♥️."

This third person claimed: "I know you don"t know me and I don"t know you other than through TV, but I miss you Tamron. You look beautiful as always.regardless it does not matter what color they were it was a heinous crime, and it was obviously a premeditated crime if they thought ahead to bring bleach and rope. Justice please for this beautiful human. I have vowed, that this year I WILL enjoy my world like you do... no excuses, no regrets, and absolutely NO toxic people!!!"

A fourth lady wrote: "Girl give me that coat! 🎈🎉Bad azz coat ya sportin lady. You are looking foxy and beautiful. It was so warm here in Virginia. Happy New Year to you and yours God bless may he continue to give you peace and joy in Jesus name."

Tamron is a true star.

Gabourey Sidibe Sends Love To BFF Jussie Smollett With Sweet Video After Vicious Attack -- Terrence Howard Also Backed His "Empire" Co-Star at


Actress Gabourey Sidibe is showing love to her best friend and Empire co-star, Jussie Smollett, in a very special way while Terrence Howard is giving fans an update on the situation.

Gabby"s BFF was badly attacked by two men who are Donald Trump supporters. The criminals also hurled racial and homophobic slurs at the talented actor and singer.

Via social media, Gabourey posted a beautiful video where Jussie is singing about love, equal rights, and peace.

Terrence sat down on Good Morning America, where he explained that Jessie is recovering from his injuries.

He went on to say that Jussie is angry about the attack, but he knows that he will forgive the criminals.

Terrence confessed: “I heard he’s getting better. You know, he’s angry. But I know Jussie. Jussie’s anger will dissipate, and he will forgive these people for what they did. But he won’t, and we cannot forget their actions. They have to be forgiven because it was done out of ignorance.”

He went on to say: “Jussie’s the one that starts singing when everybody’s in a bad mood. He’s the one that cheers everybody up."

One fan reacted by saying: "Gabby I"m so sorry this happened to your friend dear... Praying for his recovery Hold on BOO!!... MAGA Supporters who did this hate crime God seen you!!! You can hide, but you will be found!!!"

Another commenter wrote: "I am saddened with this horrible news not because @JussieSmollett is an actor but because he is a human being. In 2019 we are still having to hear that hate crimes are still happening in this country. I may not know Jusse personally, but I feel that this man could have been my brother, my friend, my neighbor, my coworker hell this could have been me! We still have to fight to survive in a world that still doesn"t want to acknowledge our existence. We are not going anywhere! We are the LGBTQ Community, and we are part of the human race! See us! Know us! Accept us!"

This supporter claimed: "I’m so sorry your friend was targeted & abused by these hate-filled, lost souls. Every damn day it’s something & we keep slipping backward. The hope of the @barackobama years has been traded in for fear. Fear is the toxin used to control & twist the hearts of the lost. It spreads like a disease, and the only cure is love. We must choose LOVE. 💜"

The police and the FBI are investigating the matter.

Jordan Craig Shows Off Her Spectacular Figure In Mini Dress -- Classy Photos Even Have Some Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompson Fans Smiling at


Model Jordan Craig has decided to give them something to wonder about in a tight skin-tone mini dress where she showed off her spectacular figure.

The petite lifestyle blogger, who happens to be Tristan Thompson"s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his two-year-old son, Prince, had even Kim Kardashian"s fans in awe with her latest sexy yet classy photo shoot.

Many rushed to compliment Jordan for always staying classy despite the drama surrounding her baby daddy and Khloe.

One eager fan wrote: "We want to see more pictures of Prince; he"s so adorable he cute just like u...🔥What l like is that you not in panty and bra taking pics, you dress looking flawless and still owning it, sometimes more is less, give them something to wonder about, seeing too much of it is like just another chick in panty and bra, love your style. Gorgeous as usual! Who else wants to be this fabulous!!? 🙋🏻‍♀️😎"

Another commenter stated: "Haven’t seen my baby nephew in a while. Please post his adorable face. So much class. Such elegance. Pure soul. Gorgeously Beautiful.A real example of beauty inside AND out, #goals !!"

Meanwhile, Khloe is back on social media sharing bizarre and cryptic messages about cheating and breakups.

A source told Hollywood Life that Tristan is not buying the fake drama and added: “Khloe had posted cryptic messages on social media for years, even before she was dating Tristan, so he tries not to overthink everything she shares and he really isn’t worried about it. Tristan knows that Khloe is a sensitive person, who is in touch with her emotions, and sharing those messages with fans is her way of opening up and letting others know they’re not alone.”

Another insider shared: “Khloe’s notes don’t necessarily mean that she’s going through those experiences at the time, but she’s simply sharing in order to connect with others and sees it as a way of bringing people together on a deeper level. Khloe insists that she’s just sharing things she thinks will help others, that not every quote should be taken so literally but her sisters are concerned she’s not being totally honest. Khloe has a history of stuffing down her feelings and putting a happy face on things, even when she’s falling apart inside, so it’s no wonder her sisters are worried. But there’s not a lot they can do when she won’t admit she’s hurting. They’re just trying to support her the best they can and let her know how much she’s loved.”

Jordan is building her own path after the Tristan saga.

"Furious" Rob Kardashian Is Not Happy With Blac Chyna"s Poor Behavior After Fight With Kid Buu at


Over the weekend, it was confirmed that Blac Chyna was involved in a nasty fight with her boyfriend while vacationing in Hawaii and the latest rumors claimed that Rob Kardashian is fed up with her behavior.

Several reliable media outlets reported that while on vacation, Blac Chyna, who ditched her daughter, Dream, had a fight with her man, Kid Buu.

According to Hollywood Life, Rob is angry by the way his baby mama is raising Dream. Kim Kardashian"s brother is frustrated to see his daughter grow up in such a negative environment.

The source shared: “Rob is furious at Chyna for her poor behavior, and he wants full custody of Dream. Rob feels that Chyna is not as good of a mother as he is a father and so he wants to take care of his child full time. He is tired of hearing about Chyna and all of her boyfriend drama, and he does not think it’s healthy for Dream to be around all the nonsense. Rob fears for who is around Dream and what negative influences that are in and out of Chyna’s house and life. He is also tired of paying the high child support for nannies when he feels that Chyna isn’t even always around raising Dream. He worries that Chyna is an absent mom sometimes and he would love to be with his daughter all the time. Rob is convinced he can be a better full-time daddy to Dream and so he is trying to figure out how to do just that.”

One fan reacted to the story by saying: "She needs to let that father raise that little girl. She is teaching her to live a sinful life. That poor baby. Look every time I blink my eyes she got a new man... it’s not even relevant anymore."

Another commenter stated: "Omgggg I can only hope she doesn’t read these comments 😩😩 she’s not disgusting!!!!! All of you are 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ WHAT MAKES IT OK for all of you to say that !!!! She’s not a plastic bag she’s a human 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️."

This supporter claimed: "Sis needs to be single for a minute! She’s literally gone from one train wreck to another back to back. There’s nothing wrong with taking a chill pill and having some me time! Smh."

A fourth follower explained: "Trynna hook your next victim. Make sure he"s at least 18. Truth be told she just needs to leave these younger men alone and just take care of her children. Love will come Sis!!!!"

Blac Chyna could be starting a new wae with Rob.

Jennifer Lopez Rocks Diddy"s World With "OMG" Picture Forcing Boyfriend Alex Rodriguez To React at


A-Rod is telling Diddy to back off because J. Lo is taken for good. Believe it or not, Jennifer Lopez has the entire Internet, her ex-boyfriend, rapper Diddy, and her current beau, Alex Rodriguez, going wild over one very sexy photo.

For the past ten days, Jennifer has been on a challenge with Alex called 10-day health challenge which means cut out sugar and carbs including vegetables, candy, baked goods, certain fruits, grains, dairy, soda, and alcohol.

Jennifer showed the result -- killers abs in a hot work out outfit. This is the exchange between Alex and Diddy.

Fans are saying Marc Anthony will soon step in the comment section to say he married her while others say Diddy is losing it after splitting from Cassie.

One fan said: "This isn"t fair. All my celebrity crushes that I had in high school are supposed to be old and wrinkly by now, but I gotta say lmao ...momma shark stay popping 😎😍😘. Ben Affleck with the plot twist.Diddy Panicking!! he’s commenting underneath his old girls account with heart eyes knowing that she has a man🤦🏾‍♀️Maybe he can find another young girl that he can have them waste ten years of their life."

Another commenter shared: "Call her Dexter cause she killing everybody. Somebody check on diddy. Arod said, "lemme reintroduce myself" 😭 😂. Basically, that was A Rod’s version of “We’re good luv, enjoy” 😂👏🏾This is getting messy. Waiting on Mark Anthony, Ben Affleck, Casper Smart, Cris Judd, Drake, Mathew McConaughey.. and many many .. you know what Nevermind Ch... I’m out! ✌🏾🏃🏿‍♂️💨"

This person stated: "Alex play “aint it funny by JLo” Hubby came through like “&’ she’s all mine bruh. Back up. Didn’t he.. lol.. He wants his “Baby back baby back”Something wrong with him. His "soulmate" that he had a baby on is rolling in her grave, he still mad about Cassie, and STILL bothering JLO. The only person diddy ever truly loved was diddy. Waiting on Marc Anthony to comment, “Already hit that, thank u, next.”DRAKE gotta pull up to the comments too lol."

A fourth follower explained: "Real ish😂😂! I had a girl that woulda ride 4 me...didnt appreciate her, so I made her cry 4 me...every nite she had tears in her eyes 4 me🎶🎶🎶now Diddy better stop playing... He had his chance with Jlo long, long time ago... She married and living better.he only acting all reckless because Cassie out here living it up too with her new boo and Kim passed all his women that he didn"t want/do right by before he wanna be acting out now... Stop it!🤦🏽‍♀️Waiting for Marc Anthony, Waiting on Casper. Waiting on Ben Affleck."

This woman will never age.

Deena Cortese Gets Candid About Her "Struggle" With Being A New Mom at


The Jersey Shore star is not trying to make motherhood more glamorous than it actually is! Deena Cortese made it very clear that being a first-time mom is a real ‘struggle!’

As fans know, Deena and her hubby, Christopher Buckner, became the parents of a baby boy at the beginning of this month.

The newborn’s name is Christopher John, and it actually has a very special meaning to the Jersey Shore alum.

The middle name, ‘John’ is her way to pay homage to her father who passed away back in 2016 after battling leukemia.

As for her new life as the mom of a newborn baby, Deena has been keeping her followers updated on social media, and she’s been keeping it real too.

Deena just told everyone that motherhood is definitely ‘harder than I expected’ in a new post.

On the other hand, she also said that ‘Having a baby is like falling in love again. Both with your husband and your child.’

One user commented that ‘after the love, there is a period of distaste for them, husband not child’ due to the extreme lack of sleep as a new parent.

That is when the star got really real about her own personal experience with not getting any sleep or even being able to take much care of herself at all, for that matter.

‘I"m def starting to learn how to function on no sleep. CJ has been getting better at night but it has still been a struggle .. [it has] been almost four weeks, and we are just starting to get into a decent routine. I never understood people telling me while pregnant to get sleep now lol because while pregnant I thought I was not getting good sleep but it is all so worth it,’ she responded to the fan.

JWoww Says Her Ex Roger Mathews Is "An Abuser To The Core" In Shocking Message! at


It looks like JWoww has something to say and she is not holding anything back! The reality TV star took to her website earlier today to share a lengthy and shocking letter in which she accused her ex, Roger Mathews, of being an abuser!

Jenni went all out in the obviously heated message against her estranged husband who has been shaming her publicly a lot ever since she filed for divorce back in September.

‘I have spent the last few months trying to protect our children from public humiliation because as parents, we"re supposed to protect them. I wanted to handle it out of the spotlight because our silence"s their greater good. Even when you tried to just disgrace my name, to make false accusations and point blank lie... I still remained silent as challenging as that was ... why? Because, greater good,’ she wrote.

JWoww went on to explain that she cannot just keep quiet anymore, as Roger keeps mistreating her like that.

‘You have presented yourself to the public as a praiseworthy father and a husband who has been suffering by my alleged actions and behavior. You hurt the kids, and you hurt me. When will it end?’

Jenni did not stop there! She also claimed that Matthews would contact her exes, spread all kinds of fake news about her and even used her ‘painful past’ against her after she confided in him about it.

The woman accused her estranged husband of reaching out to an ‘unspeakable person’ to intimidate her when his domestic violence against her was questioned.

She even included a bunch of text exchanges, pics, and videos, as well as court documents, all meant to support her claims.

Finally, JWoww ended her letter by reminding those afraid to speak out about similar situations they are in that it is not their fault and encouraged them to seek help.

Lady Gaga Defends Kesha In Unsealed Deposition Documents at


This past week, the court case between Dr. Luke and Kesha has been busted open for all to see. Documents have finally become unsealed amid the legal battle between the former Sony producer and the "Tik Tok" singer. Kesha accused Dr. Luke of rape, sexual assault, and harassment, as well as refusing to release her from her contract.

Obtained by The Blast, the documents reportedly show that Gaga defended Kesha against Dr. Luke"s lawyers after being interrogated. Gaga claims she is also the victim of sexual assault and suffers post-traumatic stress disorder; the deposition proved to be a "trigger event" for her.

According to Lady Gaga, the first time she met Kesha she was only wearing underwear in the backroom of Dr. Luke"s studio. She claimed that Kesha told her about the supposed abuse that went on over the next few years between her and the producer.

Gaga said she could easily see that Kesha was feeling "immense sadness, depression, and fear." The situation became "combative" when Dr. Luke"s attorneys asked if Gaga believed the allegation had hurt the producer"s reputation.

Gaga responded that her view of his reputation had already been created when she saw her in the back room. She added, "I felt and knew in my heart that she was telling the truth, and I believe her."According to the award-winning singer, sexual abuse in the industry is usually kept secret and is compounded by record contracts which prolong the abuse.

The situation in court inevitably became heated when Dr. Luke"s lawyer asked Lady Gaga whether she had any "factual knowledge" regarding Dr. Luke and Kesha"s relationship, to which Ms. Germanotta responded that she has "factual knowledge of her depression," and added other self-help platitudes.

Currently, Lady Gaga is part of a defamation lawsuit in which Dr. Luke claims Kesha irreparably harmed his career following the release of text messages between Lady Gaga and Kesha. Gaga and Kesha said they had heard rumors that Dr. Luke raped Katy Perry.

Katy Perry and Dr. Luke both denied the allegations, but this Tuesday, Kesha"s legal team said that just because they denied the situation, it doesn"t mean the rapes didn"t occur.

Following Wendy Williams Hiatus Her Replacement Has Been Revealed at


As it was reported earlier in the week, Wendy Williams recently announced she would be taking a long break from hosting her morning talk show due to health concerns. After she rescheduled her return for the third time, a panel of co-hosts replaced her momentarily.

Since Wendy"s departure, it was revealed that Nick Cannon would take her spot. The Wendy Williams Show announced Nick would replace her for three upcoming show dates. On the 4th, 5th, and 6th of February, Nick Cannon will take her position.

You can check out the post below to see for yourself:

As fans of the talk show host have come to know, Wendy"s family recently released a statement in which it was revealed she has suffered from Graves" disease complications. It"s imperative for Wendy to work on her health, and that"s what she intends to do in the succeeding weeks.

Nick Cannon is a bit of strange replacement for Wendy Williams, but fans are reportedly excited for him to take the stage. In recent news, Nick has been in the headlines for defending his friend, Kevin Hart, following his Oscars controversy.

Kevin declined the Academy Award"s invitation to host after several outlets dug through his Twitter to find salacious and offensive tweets from nearly ten years ago. The Academy told Kevin he had to apologize if he wanted to host, so, due to the fact he addressed the situation more than once in the past, Hart chose not to apologize.

Although he did go on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss the situation in more detail. When chatting with Ellen, Kevin was not apologetic and claimed the reports against him were more like attacks than anything else. Ellen, acting as sort of a spokesperson for the LGBT community, said it would be great to see Kevin at the Oscars.

It isn"t clear as to why Nick Cannon was chosen for Wendy"s position, but Nick has experience hosting and with the entertainment industry in general, so he"ll likely do just fine.

Farrah Abraham Suffers Backlash After She Posted A Photo Of Her 9-Year-Old Dancing In Underwear at


Farrah Abraham, the Teen Mom star, has been fighting back against criticism online after she posted a video of her nine-year-old daughter dancing in her bra and underwear.

The 27-year-old reality star posted a video earlier in the week in which her nine-year-old daughter dances in the dressing room of a Nordstrom store in New York City. The Daily Mail - for whatever reason - reported that she was sporting makeup as well.

According to Fox News, the Teen Mom OG used the location of the video in her own defense, arguing that it"s in public, and there"s no issue. Farrah suggested the dressing room is the part of the store where children can try on clothes before purchasing.

The backlash against Farrah was imminent, and many followers on Twitter began saying they would file complaints with the Child Protective Services. Farrah said to TMZ, that she knows she and her 9-year-old are living their "best lives."

In response, Michael Abraham, Farrah"s father, said The Ashley"s Reality Roundup that there wasn"t much of a difference between underwear or a bikini bathing suit. While the point Michael made certainly makes sense, many people on Twitter accused Farrah of being a bad mother.

This wouldn"t be the first time she has faced off against these claims either. Reportedly, she lost her job working with MTV due to the fact she appeared in a pornographic videotape with James Deen. People began calling for her to be removed from Teen Mom due to that fact.

Later on, Farrah actually filed a lawsuit against Viacom for sexual discrimination and accused managers at MTV of attempting to intimidate her.

However, it hasn"t been revealed what has gone down with such a lawsuit, but one can only assume it had been brushed under the rug, due to the fact Viacom is one of the biggest corporations in the world and could easily out-muscle Farrah - at least in the legal department.

Jessa Duggar Posts Cute Sonogram Pic Of Her Third Baby! at


As fans know all too well, Jessa Duggar and her husband are already expecting their third addition to the family! The 26-year-old reality TV star took to social media to share the first-ever look at the baby via a sonogram!

The whole post is actually pretty cute because Jessa thought it would be a good idea to post snaps of her other two kids as well, side by side, comparing noses since the yet to be born infant was captured in a profile position.

‘We were so happy to finally get to see #BabySeewald3! It looks like this little one will have the same nose as the others,’ the reality TV star wrote in the caption.

This first look at the future bundle of joy comes not even a month after Jessa announced, via People that she was pregnant.

‘We are overjoyed that God has blessed us with a baby, due late this Spring! From the day that we found out we were expecting, we both guessed [it is] boy, and if our predictions are right we already have a ton of clothing and accessories ready to pass down! At the same time, we"d absolutely love it if we found out we"re having a girl — though we have joked that we would be starting from square one and might have to learn a few things,’ she told the outlet at the time.

Jessa and her hubby, Ben Seewald are already the parents of two sons – 3-year-old Spurgeon Elliot, and nearly 2-year-old Wilberforce.

In the official announcement, Ben went on to add that the young ones are excited to become big brothers.

Jermaine Jackson Claims Michael Jackson Didn"t Abuse Children - He Just Held "Slumber Parties" at


Following the release of Leaving Neverland, the new documentary revolving around the supposed abuse allegations levied against Michael Jackson, Jackson"s estate has responded officially, accusing the two men of just trying to get money from the Michael Jackson brand following the death of the pop star.

Set to air this spring, Leaving Neverland supposedly received a standing ovation at Sundance. And many of the people who watched it began discussing the Michael Jackson allegations. Fans of Jackson"s even protested outside the film festival.

Jermaine Jackson, Michael"s brother, came out in the late King of Pop"s defense and said that Michael merely had "slumber parties" with underage boys, and the interactions weren"t sexual in nature. When he appeared on Good Morning Britain, Jermaine held back years while saying he was certain of his brother"s innocence.

According to Jermaine, at Jackson"s parties, there were more than just little kids there. Jermaine claims their parents were present, their uncles, and it was a harmless time in which they watched movies and hung out; it wasn"t a sexual situation between just Michael and the kids.

As it was reported previously, Leaving Neverland explores the accusations levied by two of Michael"s accusers, Wade Robson, and James Safechuck. For years, Wade and James claimed Micahel raped them, despite arguing against those allegations during his court case.

Dan Reed, on the other hand, believes Wade and James" story and doesn"t doubt them at all. Jermaine Jackson said that he will maintain his brother"s innocence in the face of such allegations.

In 2005, Wade Robson declined the accusation that he was molested by Michael. Jermaine pointed this fact out when he referred to the case in which Wade stood before the court and said, "No, absolutely not."

In 2013, both Robson and Safechuck filed lawsuits and said that it took them years to face up to the truth that they were, in fact, sexually abused by Michael Jackson. However, the lawsuits were inevitably thrown out due to the fact Michael"s estate couldn"t be held liable.

Stassi Schroeder From "Vanderpump Rules" Admits One Of Her Most Embarrassing Shopping Moments at


There isn"t a situation more embarrassing than having your credit card declined. Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules knows all about that; just ask her. After the show debuted in 2013 and became a hit, Stassi and her other co-stars wanted to treat themselves so they went on a shopping spree.

Everyone in the group knew it wasn"t a good idea to spend too much money, so they decided on only spending a couple of hundred dollars at Zara and other stores. However, it didn"t go quite as planned.

When speaking with Page Six, the reality star claims she remembers when she and her Vanderpump Rules co-stars wanted to splurge after getting their first big paycheck. She said to her friends, "let"s go to Zara and spend more than $100."

When she went to pay her credit card bill, she realized it was way over her usual budget, and her card got declined because it was such an unusual transaction for her. "My card wasn"t used to me spending that," the reality star remarked.

Katie Maloney and Kristen Doute, her two castmates, didn"t have the same problem thankfully, but they also ran into issues of their own. The 32-year-old bought a Gucci bag while Doute bought brand new Christian Louboutin high heels. However, for Doute, the moment she bought the shoes didn"t meet her expectations.

She walked into the store, and they supposedly said to her, "what are you doing here?" It turns out they didn"t expect to see a young woman buy such expensive shoes.

It"s been six years since the show first became a huge hit, and now, thankfully, Stassi and her castmates no longer have to worry about such a thing. Moreover, they have their very own wine brand, so the checks are continuing to come in.

That doesn"t mean Stassi hasn"t been without problems though. This past summer, Schroeder got into trouble when she commented on the #MeToo movement. Stassi said on her podcast that "nobody could force her to suck some guy"s d*ck," and she subsequently had to apologize.

Brad Pitt - It Reportedly "Warms His Heart" That Daughter Vivienne Resembles Angelina Jolie So Much - Here"s Why! at


A new insider report claims that Brad Pitt couldn’t be any happier about the fact that his daughter with Angelina Jolie, Vivienne, looks so much like her mother nowadays! The 10 year old girl seems to be growing more and more every day, and as she does, she also starts to resemble Angie. But despite their bitter divorce, it turns out that Brad Pitt is not upset about that – on the contrary!

No matter what happened between them, it sounds like the actor cannot help but be proud to notice his former wife’s qualities in their daughter.

The reports about Vivienne being Jolie’s mini-me started going around after the mother and daughter duo was spotted out and about by the paparazzi not too long ago and they looked like twins!

Now, one insider report by HollywoodLife claims that the press and the fans were not the only ones to notice the resemblance.

‘Brad can’t get over how much his beautiful daughter Vivienne looks just like her mother, Angelina. The older the kids get, especially Vivienne, the more they look like and remind Brad of their mother. As much as Brad has a ton of emotions around his divorce of their mother, he has never stopped believing that she is one of the most beautiful women he has ever met, so it warms his heart to see the kids taking after her looks-wise,’ one source shared with the news outlet.

They went on to explain that ‘He is happy that the kids physically take after their pretty mother. Seeing the young kids grow reminds Brad of a younger Angelina, all the good times they shared, and when they first fell in love.’

And it seems like the feeling is mutual since another source told the outlet that Jolie is just as proud to see her ex’s qualities in their kids more and more as they grow up too.

Tarek El Moussa Confesses It Was Hard To Shoot With Christina Amid Their Divorce - Compares It To "Pulling Teeth!" at


The man admitted that working with his former wife after they put an end to their marriage was not at all easy! In fact, Tarek El Moussa says that being on Flip or Flop with Christina was just like ‘pulling teeth!’ Yikes!

As fans know, Tarek is currently working on her own HGTV show but also continues to appear on the series that made him famous.

Now that it’s been a while since things ended, Tarek got candid about his experience going through a divorce with Christina and continuing to work together at the same time.

He tells HollywoodLife that nowadays, it’s much easier, but it took time for the exes to find the balance needed.

‘It’s been two and a half years since we split and we work together every day. Let’s be honest — It was like pulling teeth at the beginning. I don’t care what anyone says. It was awful."

"But two and a half years later, we are used to it. She is re-married. We are doing our job, and we have separate lives, separate careers, and it is our job. We have been doing it so long it is kind of normal,’ the man explained to the news outlet.

Christina indeed tied the knot with British TV host Ant Antstead, just last month, a couple of days before Christmas!

The wedding came as a surprise since they’d only dated for a year.

As for Tarek, he is excited to release his own HGTV show since at the moment, he is shooting the pilot.

The Flip or Flop spin-off is set to have Tarek coaching beginner flippers on how to successfully make a profit from this business.

Tarek is pretty much an expert at this point since he’s done around 300 houses.

Pink"s Husband Posts Controversial Video Of Their 7-Year-Old Daughter Shooting A Rifle at


The singer’s hubby, Carey Hart, is once again in the spotlight for a controversial action relating to their kids. As you may be aware, Pink’s husband has been dad-shamed before and now, he stirred controversy again after sharing a pic of their 7-year-old daughter shooting a rifle.

Earlier today, the man took to his platform of choice, Instagram, to post a clip that features Willow, their firstborn, using a 22 rifle at a shooting range.

‘Can I go? Is the safety on?’ the child can be heard asking her dad.

When Hart tells her that it is off, the little girl can be seen firing the gun.

In the caption, the proud father wrote: ‘Haven’t poked the parent police bear in a few days. Willz and I shooting a 22 rifle. She"s getting pretty good. Can hit a 12-inch pie plate from 30 yards.

He also revealed that she ‘Started her shooting at 3 yrs old. For the record [none] of us hunt, just enjoy shooting for sport. I’m raising the kids with knowledge of fire arms, how to handle them, shoot them, store them, and avoid them in uneducated hands. #knowledgeispower.’

But despite him giving all of those details that prove he is a responsible parent as far as guns are concerned, there were also some commenters who still slammed him among those praising him.

They thought that it is way too early to teach a 3-year-old how to shoot a gun.

In response, Hart made it very clear that while he is open to debating such sensitive topics, he would not stand for people disrespecting his country and culture.

He went on to mention the Second Amendment and that the person commenting may not care about that, in which case, he reminded them that they can always unfollow if they are so bothered by his ‘American ways!’